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Saltwater fishing lures

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    Indian Ocean wahoo caught trolling a swimming plug

    2019, Trolling Lures - Swimming Plugs

    This fishing video teaches valuable tips and techniques for trolling swimming plugs near reef systems or deep water with man-made structures. It covers toothy critters, setup trolling spreads, and using stout tackle. Techniques include tying haywire twists and rigging lures with wire. Fine-tuning trolling lures and changing lure bibs are also discussed. The video emphasizes the importance of learning from the best and using the best tackle for successful fishing.

  • Rigging Marlin Fishing Lures and Terminal Connections

    2019, Blue Marlin - Rigging Lures and Terminal Connections

    The Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures crew engages in diverse fishing activities, including offshore trips, trolls, and backcountry expeditions for barramundi. Their rigs and terminal connections must be sound to catch big fish in Western Australia. Captain Ross Newton, a skilled big game fisherman, uses a unique stiff rig system. Chris Rushford, a skilled fishing instructor, will demonstrate the rig's use in marlin fishing.

  • 2019, Blue Marlin - Rigging Lures with RJ Boyle

    This saltwater fisherman's video provides an extensive examination of rigging tools and tackle for offshore trolling lures. RJ Boyle is a meticulous rigner, demonstrating step-by-step techniques like making hook sets, positioning the hook, and seating the skirt on the lure head. By following RJ's rigs, you can learn from the best and fish smarter.

  • 2019, Blue Marlin - Trolling Lures with Andy Moyes

    Andy Moyes is an accomplished big game fisherman and offshore lure craftsman, known for his expertise in big marlin and tuna. In his In The Spread fishing video, he discusses lure designs, head shapes, and sea conditions, allowing viewers to learn and catch more.

  • 2019, Black Bart Lures - Hooks and Rigging

    Black Bart International, known for producing exceptional big game fishing lures, has owner Jack Tullius as its expert. In this In The Spread fishing video, Jack discusses trolling lures, hooks, and rigging techniques for various lures, highlighting the best positions in the spread, hook sets, preferred cables, and selecting skirts. Jack also shares his knowledge on hook choices and rigging techniques, providing valuable insights for fishermen.

  • Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Techniques

    2018, Trolling Lures - Offshore Fishing and Rigging Techniques

    In The Spread fishing video features top big game fishermen and lure designers, covering head shapes, swim principles, skirts, skirting options, hooks, and lure positions. It offers detailed presentations on rigging, showcasing the best techniques and enhancing big game fishing skills.

  • How to Rig Offshore Trolling Lures

    2018, Trolling Lures - Rigging for Offshore Fishing

    In the In The Spread fishing video, Roddy Hays, a knowledgeable and experienced instructor, discusses principles and dynamics related to fishing for marlin, tuna, and wahoo. He explains how to rig offshore trolling lures, preferring specific lure shapes, matching baits to species behavior, and determining sea conditions. The video provides valuable information for those looking to fish smarter and confidently.

  • 2018, Trolling Lures - Offshore Fishing Basics with Roddy Hays

    Roddy Hays and RJ Boyle discussed trolling lures for marlin, wahoo, and tuna, discussing preferences, performance, and sea conditions. They discussed long head, cupped face, slant heads, super plungers, tubes, and bullets, offering valuable perspectives for smarter fishing.