Trolling Lures - Design Thoughts with Peter Bristow

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Instructor: Peter Bristow
Categories: Saltwater , Marlin Lures

Capt. Peter Bristow, a renowned Great Barrier Reef and Madeira fishing expert, highlights the importance of attention to detail in lure design. He demonstrates that top-heavy lures may not run true due to poor molds. Bristow emphasizes the need for quality head shapes and research when purchasing lures to avoid deceptive purchases. He advises fishermen to buy from the best trolling lure craftsman and take time to ensure a true and balanced design.

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Capt. Peter Bristow, of the Great Barrier Reef and Madeira fishing fame, discusses variances in lure design and how not all lures run properly, if they are not shaped with attention to detail. In this lure video, Peter demonstrates how what is perceived as a nice looking lure will never run true, due to it being top heavy. Many lure craftsman pour resin into molds, pop them out and send them to market without checking to make sure they are truly round. Peter Bristow is a savvy fisherman who takes time to check whether a lure will run upright, before he puts it in the water. In this case, the lure he is discussing is incredibly top heavy, due to a poor mold. After running the head on a lathe, you can see how bad this product really is. It looks great and could easily be a deceptive purchase, if you did not take the time and have the know how to check its roundness. The lathe lays bare how much cutting away you would have to do in order to reach balance in the design. You might as well toss it on the rubbish pile. Take your time when buying lures to ensure you are getting a quality head shape. There are loads of great trolling lure craftsman out there. Do some research and buy from the best.

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