Blue Marlin - Trolling Lures with Andy Moyes

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Instructor: Andy Moyes

Andy Moyes is an accomplished big game fisherman and offshore lure craftsman, known for his expertise in big marlin and tuna. In his In The Spread fishing video, he discusses lure designs, head shapes, and sea conditions, allowing viewers to learn and catch more.

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  • Person: Andy Moyes, renowned in the big game fishing community.
  • Expertise: Understanding fish behavior, lure design.
  • Company: Moyes Big Game Tactical, specializing in lure design.
  • Video Presentation: Detailed insights into lure design, especially marlin lure head shapes.
  • Lure Highlights:
        Teasers: Argus, Monsta, Punisher.
        Lure Positions: Short Corner, Long Rigger, High Line or Shotgun.
  • Importance of Video: Essential for understanding lure selection and positioning.

Meet Andy Moyes: The Master of Saltwater Fishing

Andy Moyes isn't just another fisherman; he's a master of the seas. With a laid-back demeanor and a friendly attitude, he might seem like any other person you meet on the street. But put a fishing rod in his hand, and you'll soon realize why he's renowned in the big game fishing community. A master at catching colossal marlins and giant tunas, Andy has an uncanny ability to understand fish behavior.

As one of the world's most respected big game mates and captains, Andy has an in-depth knowledge of fish preferences. He knows what they like to eat, how they feed, and most crucially, how to entice them with the perfect bait. This expertise, combined with a flair for creativity, makes Andy Moyes the pinnacle of lure design. His company, Moyes Big Game Tactical, is a testament to his unmatched skills in the domain.

Dive Deep with Andy's Video Insights

In a captivating video presentation, Andy delves into the intricacies of lure design. He discusses various designs and what one can anticipate when using an Andy Moyes lure. From the importance of skirts to the drag they exert on the head, Andy leaves no stone unturned.

But the video's highlight is Andy's discussion on marlin lure head shapes. Learn how he meticulously designs his lures to fit specific skirt sizes. This is not just a presentation; it's a masterclass. Soak in the wisdom and elevate your fishing game.

Lure Highlights


  • Argus, Monsta, and the Punisher: Understand where Andy uses them, their movement in water, and the marine life they emulate. Andy also sheds light on how he weights each lure and the rationale behind it.

Lure Positions:

Andy breaks down his lure choices based on their positions in the spread:

  • Short Corner Position: Closest to the rigger, the bushmaster, blaster, pusher man, and the plunger are the top choices.
  • Long Rigger: Beyond the short rigger, the J-Boy, boogeyman, medium plunger, small argus, and the blaster reign supreme. Notably, the blaster is versatile for both short and long positions.
  • High Line or Shotgun Position: Andy prefers smaller lures here, such as the xexcess, fish whistle, or the ahi bullet. Since this lure doesn't ride a specific wave, it's essential to have one that looks enticing even from a distance.

Why This Video is Essential

If you're keen to grasp the art and science of selecting the best lures for each position in the spread, this video is indispensable. With unmatched quality and insights from a master like Andy, it's a resource that every serious fisherman should have. Our mission is to connect you with the brightest minds in fishing, ensuring you continuously learn and improve. Remember, the ocean of knowledge is vast, and there's always more to explore.

Watch the Full-Length 3.5-hour Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Techniques video to dive deeper into the world of big game fishing with Andy Moyes.


Who is Andy Moyes?
Andy Moyes is a renowned figure in the big game fishing community, known for his expertise in understanding fish behavior and designing lures.

What does Andy's company, Moyes Big Game Tactical, specialize in?
Moyes Big Game Tactical specializes in big game trolling lure design, reflecting Andy's unmatched skills in this domain.

Why is the video presentation important?
The video provides in-depth insights into lure design, especially the intricacies of marlin lure head shapes. It's essential for anyone keen to understand the art and science of selecting the best lures for each position in the spread.

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