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How to Catch Snook in Coastal Rivers

Florida is one of those places that holds a tremendous variety of habit that affords ample snook fishing action, thus making it a great proving ground for those looking to hone their skills for this game fish. There really is no trickier or more unpredictable inshore species. This is a cold sensitive ambush predator, so knowing the waters you are fishing and using proven tactics are critical. Join Capt. William Toney, of Homosassa Inshore Fishing, as he shares tactics and techniques for targeting this species on Florida's Nature Coast. William is considered one of states best inshore fisherman.

The Nature Coast area of Florida is a very unique fishery, as it is feed by the first magnitude springs in Crystal River, Homosassa and Chassahowitzka. The freshwater flowing into the creeks and rivers along the coast afford robalo a warm water refuge in the winter. When the water temperatures cool in the fall, snook migrate up into the rivers where the water remains at a higher constant temperature. You can find fish all the way at the spring heads. As the waters warm in the Spring, the fish move back out into the estuaries and coastal rivers.

In this video, you get a lifetime of Florida fishing experience, as Capt. Toney goes into great detail about how to catch snook. He provides a deep examination of the artificial lures and live baiting options that produce solid fish for him. Expect to see which snook lures he prefers, like suspending baits, soft plastics, topwater plugs and spoons. For live bait, Capt. Toney discusses free lining jumbo shrimp, finger mullet and pinfish. Learn how to hook shrimp and other bait fish.

When it comes to to targeting these stealthy predators, William likes to fish river mouths and deep cuts early in the year, as the water warms. In this area of Florida, robalo prefer areas where the current gets compressed, William shows you what type of moving water is ideal. During the summer months, mangrove keys with deeper water and good flow make great target areas.

Your presentation is critical in snook fishing. Capt. Toney really goes in deep on how to present a variety of baits and lures to fish and break down a given area. You will also learn about the when to fish, moon phases, understanding tides, rods and reels, tackle, rigs and so much more.

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