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  • 2024, Soft Plastic Lures for Snook Fishing from DOA

    DOA Lures, founded by Mark Nichols, has been producing innovative and effective soft plastic baits for snook fishing since 1989. In this video, we'll explore some of the best DOA lures for targeting snook, including the Baitbuster, DOA Shrimp, TerrorEyz, and Swimming Mullet, and learn how these lures can help maximize your success on the water.

  • Florida Inshore Slam Redfish Trout Snook

    2023, Slam Fishing - Florida Redfish Seatrout Snook

    Captain William Toney of Homosassa, Florida, shares his inshore slam fishing technique using a single jig combo with DOA and MirrOlure. He aims to catch all three species on the same artificial lure in one day, showcasing the depth of knowledge and easy-going demeanor of the expert. Toney shares tips on maximizing conditions, tides, and prevailing structure, ensuring fun and achieving the goal of catching seatrout, redfish, and snook using one lure.

  • How to Catch Snook Jig Fishing with SlobRob

    2019, Snook - Jigging with SlobRob

    In The Spread snook fishing video features Slob Rob, a cat who fishes from land and hauls in big snook. He shares his land-based techniques for snook, including using custom jigs for big robalo around bridges. Rob's techniques include knowing where snook like to set up, presenting baits, and retrieval methods. The video simplifies the learning curve for snook fishing in Florida, focusing on the jigging rod, fishing reel, line, and leader.

  • Lure Fishing Techniques for Winter Snook

    2019, Snook - Winter Lure Fishing Techniques with William Toney

    Snook fishing presents challenges, including snook preferences, lure selection, and the cold air and water of winter. Capt. William Toney, a snook fishing expert in Florida, shares tips for catching snook in Homosassa, Florida. Toney demonstrates how to find snook, select the best artificial lures, and understand tides, which can turn the bite on and off instantly. Being positioned at the right spot during these transitions is crucial for catching snook.

  • Live Bait Winter Snook

    2019, Snook - Live Bait for Winter Fishing

    Winter snook fishing can be challenging due to sluggish fish in cold water. To attract bites, present live bait that triggers the "I can't live without that" response. Capt. William Toney, a renowned guide, uses a specific live bait for success.

  • 2018, Snook - Fishing Coastal Rivers with William Toney

    Snook, cold-resistant gamefish, thrive in warmer water and are opportunity feeders. Florida's Gulf Coast rivers provide nutrients for a rich ecosystem, making Homosassa, Florida, an ideal location for snook fishing. The area's magnitude order spring offers year-round fishing opportunities without requiring outdoor access. Captain William Toney, a lifelong fishing guide, shares his knowledge on snook behavior and techniques in a snook fishing video. Enjoy and fish smarter with Captain Toney's expert knowledge.

  • Snook Fishing Florida Spillways

    2018, Snook - Fishing Florida Spillways

    Spillway fishing in coastal areas, particularly in S. Florida, is challenging unless well-planned and forethought is taken. Spillways manage water flow, feeding gamefish like snook, who thrive on the food bag. An instructional fishing video can help approach snook fishing in spillways.

  • Snook Fishing Florida Coastal Flats

    2018, Snook - Fishing Florida Coastal Flats

    Homosassa, Florida's coastal waters are home to one of the best snook fisheries in the state. Large fish are caught in mangrove keys, and Capt. William Toney teaches fishing techniques, soft DOA jerk baits, and habitats. The fishery's diverse habitat and fresh water springs sustain the fish, allowing anglers to develop various skills and presentation techniques.

  • Inlet Fishing for Snook Fish

    2018, Snook - Inlet Fishing Techniques

    Snook fish are prized inshore fish, often unable to move. In Florida, inlets offer great fishing opportunities. To catch snook, know the season, slot, and bag limits, as well as the best baits and tactics. Instructors provide guidance on safe boat operation, best times, and necessary tackle, line, leaders, rigs, baits, and techniques.

  • Tying Saltwater Flies with Backwater Fly Fishing

    2018, Tying Saltwater Flies with Backwater Fly Fishing

    Capt. Jesse Males teaches fly tying techniques for tarpon, redfish, snook, and seatrout, enhancing skills and knowledge.

  • 2023, Inshore Fishing: Gulf of Mexico Hotspots

    Embark on an exhilarating journey through the Gulf of Mexico's prime inshore fishing hotspots. From Florida's bountiful bays to Texas's rich estuaries, this guide reveals where to catch prized species like redfish, snook, seatrout and tarpon, offering a thrilling adventure for every angler.

  • Florida inshore fishing is a year round adventure

    2023, Florida Sport Fishing: Your Ultimate Guide to Inshore Angling

    Florida's waters offer exceptional inshore fishing, from the Indian River Lagoon to the Florida Keys. This guide explores top destinations, fish species like redfish and snook, techniques like live bait and fly fishing, and tips to maximize your catches in the shallow saltwater environments.

  • diagram of a pinfish showing exagerated pins all over the fish

    2023, Pinfish - A Comprehensive Guide

    Pinfish are a popular and effective baitfish for catching gamefish like redfish, snook, and seatrout. Rig and present them naturally to match conditions and target species. Handle with care to keep them lively for the best action. Learn more with this comprehensive guide.

  • 2023, How to Catch Snook – Know the Species

    Snook are saltwater game fish found in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, known for their elongated bodies and distinct lateral lines. They are nocturnal feeders, active at dawn and dusk, and prefer shallow, brackish waters. Techniques, baits, lures, and tackle are discussed, along with regulations and catch-and-release benefits. Snook fishing is a popular sport among anglers.

  • Florida Inshore Fishing - Winter Snook

    2019, Florida Inshore Fishing - Winter Snook

    During winter, catching inshore saltwater fish like snook can be challenging. To stay connected to the fish, anglers should stay in warm spots, such as on the west coast of Florida, where snook can be caught in 58 degree waters. Wind direction, sunlight direction, and tides play crucial roles in locating warm water. To catch snook, anglers should look for high houses, mangrove shorelines, or tall trees blocking cold north winds.

  • Coastal Snook Fishing with Capt. William Toney

    2018, Coastal Snook Fishing Florida

    Snook fishing in Homosassa, Florida, has seen a resurgence due to the efforts of guides like Capt. William Toney. The snook, known for its agility, thrives in the region's brackish waters, thanks to the first magnitude springs that provide warmth. Toney, a third-generation Florida fishing guide, shares his knowledge on targeting snooks using artificial lures, finding target-rich areas, and navigating productive tidal conditions.