Snook - Live Bait Fishing Chokoloskee Florida

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Instructor: Brian Sanders

In this In The Spread fishing video, we discuss catching snook using live bait in Florida, a dynamic environment with big fish. We work with Chokoloskee fishing guide Brian Sanders to explain tides, preferred tackle, rig, presentation, boat positioning, and various angling techniques. Brian shares his lifeline snook fish angler's tactics and strategies, helping you become the best live bait snook fisherman.

Description / Review / Instructor

One of the most effective and straightforward methods of catching snook is with live bait. If you're keen to delve deeper into this technique, there's arguably no one more knowledgeable and eager to impart their wisdom on the subject than Chokoloskee fishing guide Capt. Brian Sanders. Dive into his insights on live bait, tides, tackle, bait rigging, presentation, boat positioning, angling, and much more. In The Spread is dedicated to serving seasoned fishermen, ensuring you get top-tier information.

Live Bait Considerations

When using live bait, the primary concern is the type of bait fish you should opt for. Wondering about the quantity of live bait required or how to procure them? You'll need a substantial amount of fresh bait. Whether you're catching or purchasing your bait, it's crucial to know the perfect type and size for snook. Some will be used for hooking, while others will be used to chum and excite the school. Once you've got your bait, the next challenge is keeping them alive. All these aspects are covered in detail in the video.

Understanding Snook Behavior

Snook typically feed during tidal changes. These game fish move with the tide, positioning themselves near river mouths and external points. Moving water is another success factor. Snook prefer areas where the current is constricted or redirected, causing bait fish to traverse a zone where they're easy prey.

Tackle and Gear

  • Rod: What weight, action, and length are ideal for casting baits and battling robust robalo?
  • Reel: Is there a specific reel perfect for this situation?
  • Line: Braid or mono? Which type and size are optimal?
  • Leader: What kind of line is best in terms of type, length, and color? Does water color influence this choice?
  • Rig: Curious about the ideal snook fishing rig? What components are essential, and how much weight is required?

All these questions and more are addressed comprehensively.

Fishing Techniques

With your bait, tackle, and rigs ready, it's fishing time! But wait, how do you select your target area? What should you be on the lookout for? How should you position your boat concerning the target? How can you ensure your baits remain in the feeding zone? Brian provides in-depth answers to all these queries.

About Capt. Brian Sanders

Capt. Brian Sanders has dedicated his life to snook fishing in Chokoloskee Island and the Everglades, amassing decades of experience with this species. Leverage his vast knowledge and passion for live baiting snook in the In The Spread video.

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