Snook - Tying Flair Hawk Jigs

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Instructor: Slob Rob
Categories: Saltwater , Snook

Tying fishing jigs can be rewarding and productive for catching bigger snook. By understanding specific patterns, you can match hatches or create new patterns. Tying jigs is not complicated, and starting with an 8/0 hook is essential for big fish. Learn how to tie jigs and get closer to catching lifetime fish.

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We all know how well jig fishing works for snook. In clear water when you want to selectively target a big fish or when you cant see well due to darkness or murky water, there is no better way to get on target and work an area than with a jig. The vertical presentation is almost irresistible for snook. Jigs are super versatile. If you want to work past the smaller fish and put your lure where to big girls lay, nothing beats a hefty jig. You can cast them a mile, get them on the bottom, work up and down bridge pilings, sea walls and rocky structure where the huge fish hold tight. When nothing is working, throw a jig. What type of jig are we talking about. Big flair hawk jigs with 8/0 hooks. Man, because if you are going for monster fish, you better have the right tackle for them. Flair hawk jigs have a insane pulsing action in the water. It is something snook cannot resist. This In The Spread fishing video features Rob Conner, aka Slob@Rob, showing you how tie jigs for monster snook. His track record on the water speaks for itself. Rob will show you all the jig tying materials he uses and why those are his preference. See the fly tying vise he uses. Get the lowdown on the type of thread he uses and how it lends for a more durable jig, then see how to lay a thread base down. Learn how Rob selects the materials and positions them on the jig head. The key is learning how to wrap each element of the jigs design onto the head. Once you know the mechanics, you can crank out just about any design you can dream up. He will also explain the safety issues about working with lead. This is as step by step presentation that shows you everything. Tools, materials, vise, how to tie, it is all here. Nothing in this fishing video is complicated, once you know the basics. Watch and learn. Just wait until you start catching monsters on your own jigs and you will understand how satisfying this can be.

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