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Instructor: William Toney

Homosassa, Florida's coastal waters are home to one of the best snook fisheries in the state. Large fish are caught in mangrove keys, and Capt. William Toney teaches fishing techniques, soft DOA jerk baits, and habitats. The fishery's diverse habitat and fresh water springs sustain the fish, allowing anglers to develop various skills and presentation techniques.

Description / Review / Instructor

The snook fishing around Homosassa, Florida continues to improve year after year. If you're looking to target this game fish with artificial lures, there's no one better than Capt. William Toney. In this In The Spread video, William delves deep into the techniques and strategies for targeting these inshore predators.

Key Highlights:

  • Locations: Brackish water, flats, keys, and the mangrove shorelines of the Gulf coast.
  • Techniques: Capt. Toney shares insights on the best artificial lures, identifying target-rich areas, understanding tidal conditions, and mastering the art of working soft plastics to entice bites.
Why Homosassa?

One of the main reasons for Homosassa's rise as a prime snook fishery is its unique geography. The region boasts numerous rivers, creeks, keys, and mangrove islands. Additionally, the presence of first magnitude springs like those in Crystal River, Homosassa, and Chassahowitzka ensures that fish migrate according to water temperature changes, seeking the constant warmth these springs offer. This migration pattern helps prevent population declines during colder months.

Fishing Strategies:

  • River Fishing: Focus on brackish water and look for structures.
  • Outside Fishing: Search for rocky bottoms, strong currents around points, and deep drop-offs.

In his video, Capt. Toney emphasizes the use of soft plastic artificial lures. The way you work these lures depends on your fishing location:

  • Rivers: Due to darker waters, avoid an up-and-down motion to prevent snags. Instead, use a sweeping motion.
  • Clear Waters: Here, an up-and-down motion is more effective.

For a detailed guide on working snook lures, the video offers invaluable insights.

Behavior of Big Snook:

Larger snook typically move out of rivers, preferring areas around outside keys and mangroves. Their positioning is influenced by wind and water movement, as they aim to capitalize on the movement of baitfish. William provides comprehensive advice on which side of the keys to focus on, setting up your drift, and determining when to anchor your boat for optimal fishing.

About Capt. William Toney:

A third-generation Florida fishing guide, Capt. Toney is a treasure trove of fishing knowledge. He generously shares his expertise on snook fishing lures in the Gulf coast waters, especially around Homosassa and throughout Florida. Check out what Capt. William Toney has to offer and enhance your fishing game!

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Captain William Toney

Captain William Toney, a Florida native, is a fourth-generation fishing guide known for his expertise in Mangrove Snapper and other fish species. He is a licensed and insured guide, a Homosassa Guide's Association member, and hosts 'In The Spread', an online fishing instruction platform. Toney's expertise in redfish, tides, and bait presentation is unparalleled, and he shares his knowledge on seasonal fish migration patterns and tidal flows. His dedication to passing on his knowledge to younger generations is invaluable.

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