Triple Tail Fish - Simple Technique for Catching

April 14, 2021
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The triple tail fish, a popular eating fish, often hangs around buoys and floating grass structures. In Florida, the minimum size is 18". Anglers often spot these fish during crab buoys, slowing down after passing them and drifting into casting range. To catch them, a simple technique involves tying a jighead under a cork and baiting it with tail-hooked shrimp. Once hooked, keep the fish off the structure by cranking the motor.

One cool fish that has shown up on the Big Bend is the triple tail fish. They are a good eating fish with a curious habit of hanging around buoys, floating grass and other structure. The minimum size in Florida is 18" and one of that size is a good meal for a few anglers. I always look at every crab buoy this time of year especially if it's older with grass around the line. If I spot one I will slow the vessel down after passing the fish, then idle on a wide berth back up wind or tide to cut the motor off and drift into casting range. Sometimes the triple tail will be deep under the buoy and will look like grass to a untrained eye. The technique I use to catch them is very simple. I tie a jighead about 18" under a cork and bait it with a tail hooked shrimp. I like the cork because after I cast it I can reel it close to the buoy and know where the bait is. The "take " when a triple tail fish bites looks like the cork just stops or slowly goes down. Once hooked, be prepared to keep the fish off the structure by cranking the motor if necessary.

To learn more about catching triple tail fish and building your own FAD's, check out my video How to Make FADs for Triple Tail Fish

Captain William Toney

Homosassa Inshore Fishing

Captain William Toney In The Spread, Instructor
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