captain william toney with a late winter sheepshead

Florida Inshore Fishing and Small Game Hunting Guide: Maximizing Spring Opportunities

As spring approaches, inshore fishing thrives with sheepshead, trout, and redfish, while live shrimp bait reigns supreme. Warm days bring trout to the flats, and the woods offer serene hunting for small game and deer, making now the ideal time for both fishing enthusiasts and hunters to enjoy the natural bounty of the Big Bend area.

seatrout fishing during february on Florida's Big Bend with William Toney

February Sea Trout Fishing on Florida's Big Bend

There is great seatrout fishing along Florida's Big Bend in February. Learn the best techniques, prime locations, and essential gear for catching the elusive speckled trout. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, William Toney has inshore fishing experience to share.

Triple Tail Fish Time is Here - Captain William Toney

Triple Tail Fish Time is Here

The triple tail fish, also known as the blackfish, is a fascinating aquatic creature in Florida's Big Bend fishing communities. Known for its distinctive three-lobed tail, the fish is known for its mesmerizing dance and its fascination with floating structures. Anglers use patience and technique to catch the fish, using Fish Attracting Devices (FADs) and shrimp. However, stewards of the ocean must ensure the FADs are retrieved and stored for future use.

Catching Sheepshead: A Thrilling Pursuit in Saltwater Fishing

Catching Sheepshead - A Thrilling Pursuit in Saltwater Fishing

Sheepshead, a challenging fish with black and white stripes, are found near docks, reefs, jetties, wrecks, and inlets. They are daytime feeders and can be spooked easily. They prefer structures and prefer rigs like the Sheepshead Jig and Bottom Rig. Techniques include matching local food sources, fishing during peak tidal flow, and using live bait. They are prized targets along the Gulf Coast and Southeastern seaboard.

Dead of Winter Fishing on Florida's Gulf Coast

Dead of Winter Fishing on Florida's Gulf Coast

Fishing in late winter is unpredictable due to weather events. Anglers should return to areas with deep water access, such as creeks and rivers, to catch fish. Studying outside keys with protective coves can also help find warm water. Live shrimp is the best bait, and patience is key in cold water.