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September 07, 2018
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Fly fishing for musky on the Collins River requires understanding river dynamics and unique features. Captain Chad Bryson's knowledge extends to presentation mechanics, rod selection, and flies. He emphasizes the importance of not overlooking productive waters and focusing on potential hotspots. Understanding the river, rod, fly, and presentation techniques can significantly influence the outcome. With the right knowledge, musky fishing can yield rewarding experiences.

In the heart of Tennessee, the Collins River flows with a rhythm that only a seasoned angler can understand. It's a river that holds secrets, secrets that can transform an ordinary fishing trip into an extraordinary adventure. This is the realm of the muskellunge, or as it's more commonly known, the musky.


The more you know, the more success you will have

Chad Bryson

Captain Chad Bryson, a multi-discipline fisherman with extensive skills in both fly and conventional gear, has spent years deciphering the language of the Collins River. His deep understanding of the water, species behavior, and the art of fly fishing has made him a revered figure in the world of musky fishing.

Fly fishing for musky on the Collins River is a dance between angler and nature. The strip, strip, strip mechanics create an irresistible pulsing action with big muskie flies, a trick that can lure even the most elusive muskellunge. But the real challenge lies in understanding the river dynamics that hold these powerful fish.

Understanding the Collins River

The Collins River, like any other water body, has its unique features and confluences that make it a productive fishing area. Understanding these water features and how they attract musky is the first step towards success. Factors such as bottom structure, downed timber, and other anomalies play a crucial role in attracting these fish.

The Art of Musky Fly Fishing

Captain Bryson's muskie knowledge extends beyond just understanding the river. He is well-versed in the art of presentation mechanics, the selection of rods and reels, and the types of flies that yield the most success. His choice of gear is not arbitrary; it is a result of years of experience and understanding of the behavior of musky.

Common Mistakes in Musky Fishing

One of the most common mistakes that anglers make is overlooking productive waters in favor of spots where they've seen or heard of fish being caught before. Bryson emphasizes the importance of taking the time to understand the river and not making the mistake of overlooking potential hotspots.

Gear and Technique

Fly fishing for musky can be extremely effective if done correctly. The choice of rod and reel, the type of fly, and the technique employed can significantly influence the outcome. Since Bryson ties his own musky fly patterns, he has a keen insight into how they will swim in the water and what characteristics translate into higher hook-up ratios.

Making the Right Presentations

Once you know where to fish and what gear you need, the next step is understanding how to make your presentations. Where should you cast? How long should you work an area? What techniques should you employ to trigger bites? These are all questions that Bryson addresses in his comprehensive guide to musky fishing.


The Collins River in Tennessee is a treasure trove for musky anglers. With the right knowledge and guidance, it can yield some of the most rewarding fishing experiences. So, whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to venture into the world of musky fishing, remember the words of Captain Chad Bryson - "The more you know, the more success you will have."

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