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  • Urban Fishing Florida Peacock Bass with Justin Nguyen

    2020, Peacock Bass - Fly Fishing Florida with Justin Nguyen

    South Florida offers incredible sport fishing opportunities, particularly for peacock bass. Drive to spots and cast from your car, despite the murky water. Justin Nguyen shares his tips for catching peacock bass on fly, focusing on specific structures and targeting them effectively. Learn from his experiences and enhance your fishing knowledge to find success wherever you go.

  • Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass

    2018, Smallmouth Bass - Fly Fishing Streamers

    In the Spread and ITS Freshwater discuss streamer fishing smallmouth bass in tail water, focusing on ideal target zones. They discuss starting locations, presentation practices, water generation, gear, and more. ITS Freshwater shares fishing knowledge with viewers.

  • Musky Fly Fishing Gear with Chad Bryson

    2018, Muskie Fly Fishing Gear with Chad Bryson

    In this muskie fishing video, Capt. Chad Bryson discusses the essential gear for musky fishing in the southeast. He shares his opinions on rods, reels, line, leaders, and flies for success. Chad, an expert fly tier, shares his experiences with different fly features, line options, rod and reel choices, and leader materials. To catch muskie on fly, the right gear is essential.

  • How to Tie a Fly for Brown Trout with Chad Bryson

    2018, Brown Trout - Tying Flies for Trophy Fish with Chad Bryson

    In The Spread, Capt. Chad Bryson demonstrates the process of tying the Chattahoochee Double Deceiver, a versatile and durable fly that has caught more trophy brown trout for clients. Available in various sizes and color combinations, it is suitable for any apex predator fish.

  • Tying Saltwater Flies with Backwater Fly Fishing

    2018, Tying Saltwater Flies with Backwater Fly Fishing

    Capt. Jesse Males teaches fly tying techniques for tarpon, redfish, snook, and seatrout, enhancing skills and knowledge.

  • Streamers Dry Flies and Nymphs for Trout

    2018, Streamers Dry Flies and Nymphs for Trout

    Chad Bryson, a seasoned fly fisherman, shares his knowledge on attracting trout, including hatchery trout and smaller species. In a fishing video from In The Spread, he discusses the best streamers, trout nymphs, and dry flies for trout, discussing their mimicry, natural food sources, and effectiveness. Bryson emphasizes the importance of having a strong supply of these flies for trout fishing, from Alaska to Georgia.

  • Fly Gear for Muskie Fishing

    2018, Fly Gear for Muskie Fishing

    Captain Chad Bryson, a renowned fly fishing expert, provides valuable insights on musky fly fishing. He discusses the importance of choosing the right gear, including rods, reels, flies, fly line, and leader material. Chad emphasizes the need for comfort, efficiency, graphite quality, arbor size, and fluorocarbon leaders. The video aims to equip anglers with the necessary knowledge to successfully hunt musky fish, ensuring they are ready to tackle the freshwater predators.

  • Trophy Fish Fly Tying Series

    2018, Trophy Fish Fly Tying Series

    Chad Bryson, a master of musky fly fishing, offers a step-by-step guide on tying his musky fly and trout streamers. He focuses on quality control, bucktail selection, and using only five materials. His flies are practical, functional, and durable, attracting big brown trout and other fish.

  • River System Muskie Fishing on Fly

    2018, River System Muskie Fishing on Fly

    Fly fishing for musky on the Collins River requires understanding river dynamics and unique features. Captain Chad Bryson's knowledge extends to presentation mechanics, rod selection, and flies. He emphasizes the importance of not overlooking productive waters and focusing on potential hotspots. Understanding the river, rod, fly, and presentation techniques can significantly influence the outcome. With the right knowledge, musky fishing can yield rewarding experiences.