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  • winter musky fishing seminar video with Cory Allen and Chad Bryson

    2018, Muskie - Seminar on Wintertime Fishing in the South

    In The Spread lead freshwater instructor Cory Allen and Capt. Chad Bryson discuss musky fishing principles and tactics for winter, covering lures and fly. Winter is an ideal time to target big muskies in the south, as they are at their most rotund and have a closed season. This dynamic presentation offers a new perspective on gear and fly fishing for musky, highlighting their contrasts and correlations.

  • Musky | Catch This Apex Predator

    2023, Musky - Catch This Apex Predator

    A musky, a large predatory fish native to North America, is a member of the pike family and is known for its slender body and sharp scales. Found in cold lakes and streams, they are aggressive predators that feed on other fish, birds, and small mammals. Muskie are apex predators, controlling prey populations and maintaining ecosystem balance. They are highly sought after by anglers.

  • Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    2021, Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    Southern muskie fishing in the summer is challenging due to the lack of closed seasons and ice covered rivers. However, abstaining from fishing is short but crucial for species health. Fall offers excellent action with various lures, including top water and spinnerbaits. Swim baits are available in various sizes and colors for clear and stained river water.

  • How to Catch Muskie - Fishing Videos

    2021, How to Catch Muskie - Fishing Videos

    Catching muskie, a species of 10,000 casts, is challenging due to the variety of water conditions and lures available. The mechanics of fishing for blue marlin are more complex, and triggering bites from seemingly disinterested fish depends on experience. Great musky fishermen spend more time on the water targeting muskellunge, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. However, not everyone can improve their skills without time or money.

  • Collins River Muskie - Fishing the Spawn

    2021, Collins River Muskie - Fishing the Spawn

    The Tennessee muskie, a popular fish, begins its spawning ritual in Southern waters when water temperatures reach mid-50 degrees. Muskie fish, like walleye, white bass, and suckers, travel up to 20 miles to spawn. After recovery, some fish stay in upper reaches of rivers. Muskie males seek female partners in late March until mid-April.

  • Collins River Musky Fishing - Year Round Action

    2020, Collins River Musky Fishing - Year Round Action

    Northern musky anglers are in full musky mode as summer winds down, with musky fishing season closing by the end of November in states like Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Collins River near McMinnville TN offers a long fall season with low temperatures and clear water. September is a great time for musky fishing, with September rains providing better fishing conditions. Musky live bait and weed beds are common in shallow, weedy areas.

  • Jigging Musky - Cory Allen

    2020, Jigging Musky - Cory Allen

    Musky and jigging have not always been synonymous, but with the advent of the Bondy bait, musky jigging has become more common. Spinnerbaits, rubber, and inline bucktails can be used in jigging. The H20 Barbarian is a versatile musky jigging bait, while the double dawg is a personal favorite for vertical jigging.

  • Collins River TN Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    2020, Collins River TN Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    The Collins River in Tennessee, near McMinnville, is known for smallmouth bass and red eye perch fishing. However, the river has seen a shift with the reintroduction of the Musky, a species once extinct. The stocking effort by Tennessee was successful, with the last muskie fingerlings stocked in 2012. The fishery is now healthy, with yearly data proving its health.

  • How to Catch Baits for Muskie Fishing

    2020, How to Catch Baits for Muskie Fishing

    Local bait stores may not carry the necessary live bait for certain situations, such as bass, catfish, musky, and striper fishing. In the Volunteer state, laws regarding the sale of live minnows have changed, so anglers must catch their own. Small creeks and streams often have the big bait needed for various fishing situations. Casting nets are the best method for catching larger musky bait.

  • Topwater Musky Fishing - Slow and Steady Wrecks Their Face

    2019, Topwater Musky Fishing - Slow and Steady Wrecks Their Face

    Topwater fishing often uses active vocabulary like "plop", "whiz", "churn", and "slosh". However, it's important to recognize the sense of predatory fish species, such as muskies, who can detect surface wakes and use discretion. Utilizing stealth and guile with topwater can help catch more big fish and navigate aggressive smaller fish.

  • Spring Muskie Topwater Get Out Da' Box Cory Allen

    2019, Spring Muskie on Topwater - Get Out Da' Box

    The term "bite" in angling discourages creativity and limits exploration beyond a single presentation. However, nature changes daily, and any tactic can effectively synchronize with species. Smaller fish respond differently to larger presentations, so avoiding "bite" thinking can hinder progress towards larger fish.

  • Trophy Musky Fishing - Best Time - Dwayne Hickey

    2019, Trophy Musky Fishing - Best Time - Dwayne Hickey

    Catching a Trophy Musky in middle Tennessee is best during late winter/early spring. Muskies can be found in Center Hill lake and Great Falls reservoir. Fishing is best during warming trends, pre front conditions, and moon phases. Use six-inch twitch baits, soft rubber swim baits, and slow steady retrieves.

  • Pre-Spawn Muskie in Southern Reservoirs - Cory Allen

    2019, Pre-Spawn Muskie in Southern Reservoirs - Cory Allen

    Spawning is a common activity for anglers, with Muskies being a unique species. They spawn during a specific time of year, attracting prespawn fish due to current and temperature. Muskies are broadcast spawners, not constructing nests or affecting their progeny's life cycle. They often return to staging areas near the back end of coves and cuts. Paying close attention to these areas is crucial for locating and catching these fish.

  • Spinnerbait Blades for Musky Fishing - Choosing the Right Cut

    2019, Spinnerbait Blades for Musky Fishing - Choosing the Right Cut

    The author emphasizes the importance of weight, blade sizes, and component diameter in lure design. Safety pin spinnerbaits can change purpose by recombinanting these elements. Combining different styles of blades can make a tool less versatile and controlled. Single blades offer strengths but also make them less functional. The author has yet to find an equal quality, function, and aesthetic attentiveness of Joe Murpny's Spinners, despite the presence of several good companies producing musky certified safety pin spinnerbaits.

  • When the Levee Breaks - Fishing and Ichthyology

    2019, When the Levee Breaks - Fishing and Ichthyology

    Water has been a powerful ally and adversary for species, as seen in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Despite efforts to control flooding, water still occasionally shows its primadonna aire. During periods of high flow, muskies, like all fish, respond to stimulus, moving to the top floor. This allows aquatic denizens to explore new unlocked regions, even in muddy water. However, off-script behavior can be brought about by chocolate milk, rising water, and icthyological tweet-pation.

  • Biwaa Winter Musky Baits

    2019, Biwaa Winter Musky Baits

    Biwaa Lures, a unique European brand, offers unique presentation capabilities for bass anglers. Their select lures, such as the Biwaa Seven Sunfish models, have a compact but heavy-enough-to-heave casting style back-blade bait with dynamic lateral and vertical presentations. These jointed Swimbaits swim down tilted at a 45 degree angle on the fall.

  • Cory Allen releases a big muskie fishing in the winter

    2019, Big Muskie Fishing in the Winter

    As the new year approaches, muskies, particularly big ones, may not eat large portions of musky-size table fare due to their physiology. They are more likely caught on cross-training presentations for walleye, bass, and crappie. Bill Green's musky spinning rod line offers power and finesse.

  • musky lures from H2O Tackle

    2018, The Barbarian from H2O Tackle

    Roger Watters, owner of H20 Tackle, offers a versatile and eclectic line of baits with unique paint jobs. His baits are neutrally buoyant, allowing for various fishing techniques. Watters' designs are a testament to the art of letting function define form, making them a must-try for musky anglers.

  • Open Water Muskie Fishing with Cory Allen

    2018, Open Water Muskie Fishing with Cory Allen

    Open water muskie fishing can be challenging, but expert Cory Allen teaches how to approach it. Fish are usually at geo intersect points, orienting themselves off topographical features. Learn to recognize and target suspended fish, using lures like safety pin spinner, barbarian, and swim bait, and cover areas effectively in the In The Spread video.

  • Cory Allen holding a nice musky caught trolling

    2018, Trolling for Muskie

    Most anglers who venture into the world of musky fishing find themselves faced with a pivotal choice – the lady or the tiger scenario of trolling. Some dismiss it as lazy and dull, almost sacrilegious to the sport, while others swear by its effectiveness. Indeed, trolling for muskie requires a scientific approach, but too often, it gets compartmentalized, overshadowing the true artistry behind this fishing technique. We are here to rectify that misconception through this captivating In The Spread musky fishing video. In our Trolling for Muskie video, you will be taken on a journey from approaching open water to mastering advanced trolling concepts, exploring a diverse array of lure presentations. The focus is on leveraging select spinnerbaits for suspended fish casting and the unique traits of gliders made by the renowned Tim Woodyard. Additionally, twitch baits, finely customized by the same master, will be highlighted, providing invaluable insights into their optimum usage.