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Jul 24, 2020

In The Spread Fishing

If you have found the In The Spread Fishing Video platform, you are probably in search of fishing knowledge. That is what we offer, a little extra know how to refine your techniques or to learn something completely new. Any of us that find interest in fishing rely, to a large extent, on the exchange of knowledge. If you are not thirsty to get better, then why even pursue any endeavor. The desire to improve should be fundamental, if you expect to achieve any measure of success. Staying a good fisherman requires constant progression.

Fishing tackle and techniques are constantly evolving, so why wouldn't you? The very best fishing guides, captains and anglers I know are compelled to stay on top of their game. They do this by engaging in the exchange of knowledge. A common thread I find in these sportsmen is openness. They are open to new discoveries in catching fish. The key is not being stale.

In The Spread is all about sharing what some of the very best fishermen have to offer. What you will find with us is that we try and provide as much context as possible on a wide variety of fish and how you catch them. The fishermen we work with consistently dominate their fisheries. They are haghly respected for their skills and are willing to share everything they know with you. If there is something you would like that we do not offer, please let us know and we will doing everything we can to make a fishing video about it.

Our fishing library covers saltwater fishing videos and freshwater fishing videos. If we can make it easy for you to find valuable information, then we save you time and that equates to money. With all the fishing videos on the internet, the last thing you want to do is spend time scouring the web in search of fishing info that translates into actually catching.

If you are going to learn, you want to learn from really smart fishermen that don't just know how to catch fish, but can articulate the fishing techniques they use and why they use them. In The Spread does not do the watch me catch fish stuff. We like to learn. After all, our founding principle is driven by our own thirst to know more. It is inquisitiveness that burns inside.

Given the size and breadth of our fishing video library, it takes constant effort to build content wells around each species. We do swordfish, tuna, wahoo, marlin fishing, lure rigging, bait rigging, redfish videos, snook, mangrove snapper, grouper and more for saltwater. Let's talk about tuna fishing for a second. When we approach how to catch tuna, we have to consider chumming for tuna, the best yellowfin tuna lures, chunking for yellowfin tuna and an incredible range of techniques depending on the tuna species. We have to build towers of content for each fish. Our freshwater fishing videos range from musky, largemouth bass, catfish, fly tying video to panfish and yet more. For each species we believe that you should have options for how to target and catch that fish. This way you have options and come at your learning path from multiple directions.

Our goal is the help you learn as much as you want with the convenience of only having to visit one destination. In The Spread is your one stop shop. After watching one of our fishing videos, you will possess the knowledge to go out and catch that first fish or more of the fish you love.

One thing you will not find here is in your face advertising. We really don't work with sponsors and any products our instructors mention are products they use to achieve max success on the water. There is nothing more irritating these days than seeing all the damn ads on websites. Trust me. We do not and will not put you through that. You are here to learn and absorb fishiness. There is no place on that learning curve for advertising.

We thank you for your time and hope to provide you with real value. If we all fish smarter, we will experience far more fun and catch a load more fish. Good luck on your learning journey.

Seth Horne


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