Cobia - Basic Fishing Baits and Lures

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Instructor: Brian Sanders

In this In The Spread fishing video, Capt. Brian Sanders shares his knowledge on the best cobia fishing baits and lures, as well as tips for setting up on wrecks and avoiding getting snagged on structures. Cobia are curious and will investigate most baits and lures, so knowing productive cobia fishing baits and lures can help catch more fish.

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Summary of Key Points:

  • Learn how to locate cobia fish around structure and wrecks
  • Discover the most effective baits and lures for catching cobia
  • Get tips on stalking and sight casting techniques from expert angler Capt. Brian Sanders
  • Find out how to properly rig and present your baits and lures for maximum success
  • Frequently asked questions about cobia fishing answered

Cobia, also known as lemonfish or crabeater, are a highly sought-after game fish prized for their fighting ability and delicious meat. If you're looking to learn how to catch cobia, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll dive into the basics of cobia fishing, including the best baits, lures, and techniques to help you land these impressive fish.

Locating Cobia Fish

Capt. Brian Sanders, a renowned fishing guide from Okeechobee, Florida, emphasizes the importance of scouting known structure and wrecks when targeting cobia fish. These areas often hold baitfish and other prey, making them prime spots for cobia to congregate. However, approaching these locations requires a stealthy and careful approach to avoid spooking the fish.

Once in position, Sanders recommends prospecting with a variety of cobia baits and cobia lures. By presenting different options, anglers can create a commotion in the water that piques the curiosity of nearby cobia. The key is to make the baits and lures appear as natural as possible, mimicking the movements and appearance of the cobia's preferred prey.

As the cobia are drawn out by the commotion, anglers must be ready to sight cast and present their offerings accurately. This requires keen observation skills and the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver the bait or lure to the fish without hesitation.

By following Capt. Brian Sanders' advice on locating and prospecting for cobia around structure and wrecks, anglers can increase their chances of hooking into these powerful and sought-after game fish. Remember to always approach with stealth and be prepared to adapt your techniques based on the cobia's response.


Once you spot the cobia, you're sight casting, Learning how to properly sight cast is crucial for success when targeting these fish.

Brian Sanders

Pro Level Techniques

In the "Cobia - Basic Fishing Baits and Lures" video, Capt. Brian Sanders shares his wealth of knowledge on the most effective baits and lures for targeting cobia. With years of experience fishing the waters of Okeechobee, Florida, Sanders has honed his skills and developed a keen understanding of what works best when it comes to catching.

Throughout the video, Sanders discusses his favorite cobia baits, which include live offerings such as pinfish, seatrout, or any white bait and small crabs. He explains how to properly rig these baits and presents them in a manner that entices cobia to strike. Additionally, Sanders showcases his go-to artificial lures, such as large soft plastics, bucktail jigs, and topwater plugs, providing insights on color selection, retrieval techniques, and how to match the lure to the prevailing conditions.

Beyond discussing the best cobia lures and baits, Sanders delves into the specific techniques he employs to trigger bites. He covers topics such as how to accurately cast to sighted fish, the importance of varying retrieval speeds, and how to work a lure or bait to mimic the natural movements of cobia prey.

Sanders also shares his insights on how to read cobia behavior and adjust techniques accordingly. He discusses the signs that indicate when cobia are likely to be more aggressive or more finicky, and how anglers can adapt their presentations to maximize their chances of success.

For anglers looking to improve their cobia fishing skills, this instructional video is an invaluable resource. By absorbing the knowledge and techniques shared by Capt. Brian Sanders, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively target these powerful game fish, ultimately leading to more productive and enjoyable fishing experiences.

Catching Cobia Primer

Preparation is key when it comes to successfully catching cobia. As Capt. Brian Sanders emphasizes, anglers must be ready to cast at a moment's notice, as opportunities to present your bait or lure to a sighted fish can be fleeting. To maximize your chances of success, it's essential to have your cobia rig set up and ready to go before approaching the structure.

One effective strategy is to have your rod and reel combo positioned in a rod holder, with the bait or lure already tied on and ready for action. Alternatively, you can have a dedicated angler standing by, poised to make a quick and accurate cast when a cobia is spotted. This level of preparedness ensures that you can take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself without wasting valuable time.

When moving in on the structure, it's crucial to present your cobia lures or baits quickly and efficiently. Cobia are known for their curiosity, but they can also be easily spooked. By delivering your offering swiftly and accurately, you increase the likelihood of enticing a strike before the fish loses interest or becomes wary of your presence.

Capt. Brian Sanders' tips, born from years of experience and countless hours on the water, provide anglers with a solid foundation for success in cobia fishing. By combining his insights with a comprehensive understanding of cobia behavior, habitat preferences, and feeding patterns, anglers can develop a well-rounded approach to targeting these powerful game fish.

Ultimately, the key to consistent success in cobia fishing is to fish smarter, not harder. This means being prepared, adapting to the conditions, and making the most of every opportunity that comes your way. By following Capt. Brian Sanders' advice and continually refining your techniques, you'll be well on your way to enjoying more productive and rewarding cobia fishing experiences.

What is the best time of year to fish for cobia?

Cobia fishing is typically best during the spring and summer months, particularly from March through August. However, the specific timing may vary depending on your location.

What are some of the best lures for catching cobia?

Some of the most effective lures for cobia fishing include large soft plastics, bucktail jigs, and live or dead baitfish. Topwater lures can also be productive when cobia are actively feeding on the surface.

What type of equipment do I need for cobia fishing?

When targeting cobia, it's essential to use heavy-duty spinning or conventional gear capable of handling large fish. A sturdy rod with a fast action, paired with a reel that has a strong drag system, is ideal. Use braided line in the 50-80 pound test range for increased sensitivity and hook-setting power.

Be a Smarter Cobia Fisherman

By applying the knowledge and techniques shared by expert anglers like Capt. Brian Sanders, you'll be well on your way to enjoying successful cobia fishing adventures. Remember to always fish responsibly and adhere to local regulations to ensure the sustainability of this incredible species for generations to come.

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