Black Drum Fish - Sight Casting

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Instructor: Ruben Lee

The upper Florida Keys offer excellent flats fishing opportunities, especially for black drum. Instructor Ruben Lee, a knowledgeable keyfisher, shares tips on sight casting to black drum in skinny waters. Black drum fishing on the flats requires spotting, determining feeding, and positioning your presentation. Learn tides, atmospheric conditions, and baits to have a fun-filled day of sight casting.

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While this type of saltwater fishing might not be the easiest, it certainly ranks near the top for thrill. Spotting black drum on the flats requires a sharp eye.

Join Ruben Lee, a super experienced old school Florida Keys fishing guide, as he delves deep into the art of light tackle inshore fishing tactics for casting to fish.

How to Successfully Target Black Drum on the Flats

Ruben provides a comprehensive guide on:

  • Fishing the flats: Learn how to navigate and fish these shallow waters.
  • Locating black drum in skinny water: Understand the signs and signals of their presence.
  • Feeding patterns: How can you tell if they're hungry?
  • Bait selection: Discover what bait works best and how to position it effectively in their path.
  • Tackle, tides, and conditions: Equip yourself with the right gear and knowledge of the best conditions for fishing.

Fishing the Flats in the Florida Keys

Fishing these flats requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. We're here to share that with you:

  • Positioning: Understand which end of the flat to start fishing on, based on the sun's position and wind direction.
  • Spotting fish: What should you be looking out for?

A Closer Look at the Black Drum

This species has a unique eye position, often looking down as they nose around the bottom searching for food. Getting them to bite your bait can be tricky. It's crucial to:

  • Cast with accuracy: Ensure your bait lands in their path without startling them.
  • Choose natural bait: Find out which type is most effective and why.

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