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Sub Surface Lures for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

Sub-surface lures for yellowfin tuna are one the must have items in your tackle kit. Having quality lures in the 60-120 gram range will produce more strikes than perhaps any other lure in your arsenal. Knowing what to look for in a lure before you buy it, how to rig it, how to pair them with the right tackle and most importantly why you should have specific lure designs in your selection is the difference between huge success and mediocrity.

Seth Hartwick is a global tuna fisherman, by any measure. He traveling the world every year in pursuit of big tuna. Yellowfin and bluefin are his passion and casting lures to them is what motivates him. A self proclaimed tackle diva, Seth makes it his mission to only fish lures and tackle that hold up to the beating big tuna inflict upon gear. Lures need to swim right, be purpose built and get strikes. Tackle needs to be robust and easily carried to fisheries across the planet. His rigs are precise and yet very simple. In all honesty, Seth keeps everything simple. He has managed to achieve this level of ease by testing to the bitter end countless lures, rods, reels, terminal tackle, line and leaders. What you get from him in this fishing video is a finely distilled stream of knowledge.

There are a few salient reasons why the sinking stickbait is a must have sub-surface lure. Yellowfin tuna tend to feed within the top three to five meters of the water column. They do this because the surface makes for the perfect edge. When baitfish gets pushed to the surface, there is nowhere else for them to go. Tuna will trap baits there and feast on them. This may happen right on the surface in a boil, just below or several feet down. Even when yellowfin tuna are in full boil, sinking stickbaits will still get hit. A frustrating by-product of this surface action and one that requires a lure that can be fished down in the water is birds. Oceanic birds can wreck a day of lure fishing. Knowing which lures give you the best option to get lures down in the bite zone and avoid these pesky birds is valuable.

With this In The Spread tuna fishing video, Seth will discuss very specific lures he likes in the 60-120 gram range. That seems to be the sweet spot for lure size. This makes for great casting. Several different lure brands, sizes and prices will be presented, so you have a firm idea of where to start.

You will learn about where to place your casts, relative to the surface boil and why this is so critical for not getting cut off. There will be demonstrations and explanations on angling technique and what works well for tuna fishing. A big point of emphasis throughout all the tuna lures videos we have made with Seth is build quality of lures. Tuna really put the squeeze on lures and anything that is not up to the beating will be compromised, perhaps costing you that fish of a lifetime.

On the rigging side of the discussion, you will learn about the terminal tackle that goes into Seth's rigs and why proper pairing the right sized tuna hooks and split rings plays a huge roll in how well a lure swims. The topic of tuna hooks is a hot one. We will show you the hook sizes used for different lure sizes and how to properly position them on lures. One area that you may find of keen interest is the benefits of using single hooks on bigger fish and why this is paramount for fish safety.

Not every lure you fish has to meet the standard Seth holds himself to, but the one underlying principle you must adhere to is quality. You will hear this over and over. You can certainly get good quality tuna lures at the high end and low end of the price spectrum. Knowing what to look for is key and you will learn all about it. Sinking stickbaits are a great way to catch tuna, so go with a quality thru build and everything will be fine.

No discussion of tuna lures with Seth Hartwick would be complete without thorough coverage of the fishing reels, rods, lines, knots and tools that make for productive fishing. You will learn about the exact reels Seth prefers and the size and action of the rods he matches them with. You have to remember this tuna lure video is focused on casting, working lures and fighting big fish, so your gear needs to meet that objective and make you life on the water less of a chore.

We think you will find the presentation from Seth Hartwick useful. Whether you are an accomplished angler or new to the game, there is plenty information to chew on. Never be satisfied with what you know. Keep learning and expanding your tuna fishing knowledge base.

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