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  • Sub Surface Lures for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Sub Surface Lures for Yellowfin

    Yellowfin tuna are attracted to sub-surface lures, particularly sinking stickbaits, as they are more effective and avoid surface birds snatching. Tuna feed in the upper three meters of the water column, where they use the surface as an edge to trap baitfish. Seth Hartwick, a seasoned tuna fishing instructor, shares his knowledge on casting lures, angling techniques, terminal tackle, and ideal rod and reel setups in a fishing video.

  • Top 10 Tuna Lures - Seth Hartwick

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Top 10 Lures with Seth Hartwick

    Seth Hartwick, a renowned tuna fishing expert, shares his top 10 tuna lures for any global hotspot. He has fished every major tuna fishery and has refined his collection to only the best quality and performing lures. Seth has worked with top tuna anglers and lure craftsmen, ensuring his skill and knowledge are exceptional.

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    Topwater Lures for Yellowfin Tuna with Seth Hartwick

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Topwater Lures for Yellowfin with Seth

    Seth Hartwick, a global fishing expert, shares his experience in yellowfin tuna fishing using topwater lures like poppers and stickbaits. He shares tips for using various tackle, including tuna hooks, split rings, swivels, leader types, materials, and angling techniques. He emphasizes the importance of build quality in selecting the right lure for different sea conditions.

  • Tuna Fishing – Yellowfin Tuna Lures

    2023, Tuna Fishing – Yellowfin Tuna Lures

    In The Spread, a sport fishing educational video company, offers saltwater fishing videos for fishermen to improve their skills and knowledge in catching yellowfin tuna. The videos feature expert fishermen sharing their insights on how to catch various fish species, including tuna, and provide valuable information for anglers looking to enhance their tuna fishing experience.