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  • Sub Surface Lures for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Sub Surface Lures for Yellowfin

    Yellowfin tuna are attracted to sub-surface lures, particularly sinking stickbaits, as they are more effective and avoid surface birds snatching. Tuna feed in the upper three meters of the water column, where they use the surface as an edge to trap baitfish. Seth Hartwick, a seasoned tuna fishing instructor, shares his knowledge on casting lures, angling techniques, terminal tackle, and ideal rod and reel setups in a fishing video.

  • Sinking Stickbaits for Bluefin Tuna

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Sinking Stickbaits for Bluefin

    Bluefin tuna are a discerning big game species, and precision is crucial for successful fishing. Seth Hartwick offers tips on sinking stickbaits, lure sizes, natural presentations, bird behavior, rigging, and optimal hooks. He also covers essential gear like reels and rods. This fishing video is a valuable learning tool for anglers interested in casting lures to bluefin tuna.

  • Topwater Lures for Bluefin Tuna

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Topwater Lures for Bluefin - Seth Hartwick

    Seth Hartwick's topwater lures for bluefin tuna fishing video is essential for anglers looking to advance their learning curve. He is an expert in targeting big tuna and shares his insights on lure placement, bait selection, and tackle. Learn from Seth's expertise on lure rigging techniques, reels, and rods, focusing on casting ability and lifting power.

  • Switch Baiting Sailfish Fishing

    2019, Sailfish - Techniques for Switch Baiting

    In the Indian Ocean off Western Australia, Ross Newton, skippered by Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures, shares his unique approach to switch baiting sailfish in shallow water around reef edges. Their setup is simpler than many top tournament teams, using a daisy chain with birds, squids, and a belly bait. The baits used are garfish or ballyhoo rigged with circle hooks and compact skirts. The video provides a detailed presentation of the unique bait and switch fishing techniques used in western Australia.

  • Reef Fishing Coral Trout

    2019, Coral Trout - Reef Fishing

    Reef fishing in the Indo/Pacific is a serious business, with coral trout being a popular species. Chris Rushford and Ross Newton, from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures, share their playbook on fishing for coral trout, discussing techniques, lures, and boat operation. They cover water movement, lure choice, cadence, lure size, color, rods, reels, and tackle. The wealth of experience in reef fishing makes learning easy. The video can be applied to other programs and helps fish smarter.

  • stickbaits and poppers ready for action against big reef predators

    2024, Fishing Stickbaits for Pelagic Heavyweights

    Unlock the secrets of stickbait fishing for pelagic giants. Learn to choose the perfect lure, master various retrieve techniques, and handle formidable catches like yellowfin and bluefin tuna, giant trevally, kingfish, wahoo and mahi mahi.