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Secrets of Wahoo Fishing | High Speed Trolling

The amount of wahoo fishing knowledge being exchanged in this video is stunning. If this is the only video you ever watch about high speed trolling in the islands, you will be far smarter that most fishermen.

This is part four of our full length High Speed Trolling for Wahoo video. You will meet Rick Redeker as he and RJ Boyle get heady about edge trolling for wahoo in the Bahamas. Now, Rick is a guy that operates on the down low. He just goes to work and hammers big wahoo. Rick has made a name for himself in wahoo fishing. he has spent a lot of time in the Bahamas fishing the edge. He knows it. His success has played out many time in Bahamas Wahoo Championship, where his team has walked away the victory.

In this info packed video, you will hear how Rick's approach will work anywhere in the Western Atlantic, where you have an edge to fish. He has made an art of catching big wahoo and he is going to share a few of his wahoo fishing secrets. With his system, you will find big fish and weed thru the little ones, by running bigger gear at faster speeds. You will get a good idea of where to look for spots that will hold bigger fish.

When you talk about trolling speed and bigger fish, you are talking about speeds above 14 knots. Even in areas where you find big wahoo, it is pretty much a bet that the first fish you catch will be smaller. The bigger fish will come later in the bite, as you make multiple passes in a productive area. The big wahoo tend to hold deeper in the water column and come up as you pass over a few times.

A few key big fish principles you want to really pay attention to are where to go, how to drive the edge and how to deal with big fish. By listening to what Rick has to say, you can distill down his concepts into practices you can apply. Your mental approach will be the difference maker.

Rick says the majority of his bigger wahoo come on his down lines, the wire lines, the deeper baits. On those bites where larger fish eat, the angler needs to be focused on what the fish is doing. They have a tendency to run right at the boat. This is where many fish get lost.

Another of the principles that Rick stresses centers around boat driving during hookup. How you approach a hooked fish, as it comes up to the boat, is going to greatly depend on where you are fishing and how bad the sharks are. In areas where the sharks are bad, you will want to turn offshore and get into deeper water.

You will also hear an interesting conversation on the staggering of lures in the spread and how to prevent tangling. By leaving the spread out while you boat a fish, you will find that many big fish bites come as you throttle back up and the lures start rising in the water column. All of these fishing tips are so important.

In the rapid fire portion of the video, Rick gives quick answer to RJ Boyle related to several key factors of wahoo fishing. Lure colors, barometer of choice, line used on deep rods and top rods, favorite lead size, desired trolling depth, current, tidal windows and moons are all discussed. This info is pure gold.

Rick gives a little more detail on running in a little bit closer to the edge and why you may catch bigger fish by doing this. His thoughts on water movement are also super helpful.

There is so much fishing knowledge in this wahoo fishing discussion. There may not be secrets given away, but kernels of fish catching wisdom are being freely handed out. Keep in mind, this is Rick's way to fish for wahoo. There are many ways and many good ways. Take this information in and add it to your quiver.

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