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redfish baits

  • Redfish Live Bait

    2020, Redfish - Best Live Bait with William Toney

    Captain William Toney shares tips and techniques for catching redfish, including pinfish, shrimp, and mud minnows. He teaches trapping, bait selection, and using a subsurface buoy to prevent theft. Toney demonstrates making rigs, hook placement, and modifying pinfish for scent or vibration.

  • Brian Sanders holds up a couple Chokoloskee redfish

    2018, Redfish - Live Bait Fishing

    In The Spread redfish video teaches how to catch red fish with live bait, focusing on the right ingredients and techniques. The instructor discusses tackle, line, leaders, hooks, sizes, and knots, ensuring a natural presentation. The video is a detailed explanation and demonstration, collaborating with top fishermen to provide valuable knowledge and knowledge for catching redfish legally.

  • Winter Redfish - William Toney

    2019, Winter Redfish - William Toney

    Winter days on the Nature Coast in Florida are ideal for sighting cast redfish. Live shrimp is the best bait, but placement and presentation are crucial. Nose-hooked jerk baits and soft landings near stationary fish are effective. Using easy-to-hand equipment and a good fly rod is essential.