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Offshore Fishing Black Bart Lures

Part 1 of the Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Marlin Lures video: Trolling Lures, Hooks and Rigging Techniques with Black Bart

We made it easier to watch the three different sections that make up the full length 3.5 hour video HERE by breaking them out. In this particular video, you will meet Jack Tullius, the owner of Black Bart Lures. Jack is an extremely accomplished marlin and wahoo fishermen with an immense knowledge of lure shapes, hook design and rigging marlin lures, as well as wahoo and tuna lures.

Black Bart is recognized as a premier global purveyor of offshore trolling lures. They sell and rig more lures than anyone. The history rich and the amount of lure designing, rigging and overall fishing knowledge runs deep at this company and with its owner.

For this instructional fishing video, RJ Boyle sits down with Jack at Black Bart in Palm Beach. The conversations and demonstrations cover a deep analysis of several big game fishing hook options, assembling hook sets, a range of Black Bart lure heads, skirting lures and how you rig marlin lures.

Jack Tullius has helped develop several interesting fishing hooks that provide improved grab and hold qualities, for both big and small fish. The innovative Pa'a hook has a thinner profile with all the strength of a meatier hook. It has a needle eye the helps provide a better transition between the connecting material and the hook. The conical shape of the point offers more puncture and less cutting, which prevents the hook cutting into the marlin as the hook moves around during the fight. Another key feature is the hawks bill on the hook tip which provides better driving properties on the bite. Black Bart does exhaustive testing before they release any new product, to guarantee results.

The in-depth conversation Jack and RJ have about the ingredients, the cable, crimps and chafe gear that go into each Black Bart hookset is quite enriching. These two think about fishing on a deeper level. There are two basic components when it comes to cabling the hook. On smaller hooks, Jack likes a little more flex in the cable, which allows for more movement in the water. For this smaller rig, 480 lb single strand stainless steel cable, 7/0 or 8/0 hooks, adhesive shrink tube, hard chafe gear and double wall copper crimps are used. When you step up to a larger hook, 900 lb single strand cable, 9/0 hooks, 4:1 adhesive shrink tube, hard chafe tube and copper crimps are utilized. If you are going to be using 10/0 hooks, double strand cable is favored by Jack. You will learn lots of technical information on the pros and cons of single hook vs. double hook sets.

Since Jack is an accomplished wahoo fisherman, he does offer some valuable insight into the hook and rigs he uses and sells. His bigger wahoo lures are rigged with open gap 11/0 hooks and twisted 600 lb cable. The smaller wahoo lures are rigged with turned in 9/0 hooks and 600 lb stainless cable for 30-50 pound tackle. For his wahoo rigs, Jack runs the cable a foot and a half thru the head of the lure.

A really cool aspect of watching Jack Tullius talk lures is the passion that comes through. This guy is a lover of the art of lure making. The range of head shapes, skirting options and hooks is a spectacle to behold. Jack will discuss matching skirts to heads, different skirting materials, why some are thicker than other and then you will watch his step by step demonstration on how to skirt a 1656 marlin lure. Being able to feel like you are sitting down with Jack as goes through the selection process for which color combo works best for the inside and outside skirts, how to cut skirts to fit lure heads. Starting with the inner skirt, you will see how to do it a very easy way. How do you align the skirt colors with the head design for both the inner and outer? See that and other rigging tips about fine tuning skirts, inserting the hook set and the use of the hook lock.

Again, we are talking about lure head shapes. Jack is going to talk about a variety of principles related to head shape and which style works best in each position in the spread. Understanding what lures do in the water is key. Learn how head shape drives a lures swimming action and performance in different seas conditions.

The huge take aways with this Trolling Lures, Hooks and Rigging Techniques with Black Bart video is knowing which lures work best for your given fishing conditions, how to rig trolling lures properly and how to set the stage to attract fish into your spread is a difference maker. After watching this you will have a far deeper appreciation for what goes into lure creation. You will be a better fisherman by making the correct lure head choices based on the position they are being fishing in.

I hope you love this video as much as we do. Keep and open mind and never stop learning.

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