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  • 2019, Black Bart Lures - Hooks and Rigging

    Black Bart International, known for producing exceptional big game fishing lures, has owner Jack Tullius as its expert. In this In The Spread fishing video, Jack discusses trolling lures, hooks, and rigging techniques for various lures, highlighting the best positions in the spread, hook sets, preferred cables, and selecting skirts. Jack also shares his knowledge on hook choices and rigging techniques, providing valuable insights for fishermen.

  • Halco popper rigged with heavy gauge treble hooks for GT fishing

    2024, Hooks for GT Fishing: Single vs. Treble Hooks

    In the thrilling world of GT fishing, choosing between single and treble hooks is more than a tactical decision, it's a reflection of tradition, innovation, and ethical angling. This guide delves into the merits and challenges of each, helping anglers navigate the complexities of targeting the formidable Giant Trevally with deeper knowledge.

  • three different hooks for swordfish fishing

    2023, Hooks for Swordfish

    Venture into the world of swordfish fishing with our comprehensive guide on choosing the right hook. From J-hooks to circle hooks, learn how to enhance your catch rate and land the ultimate trophy. Essential swordfishing tips and tricks included.

  • swordfish on the hunt in a school of bait fish

    2023, Catching Swordfish: A Comprehensive Guide

    Hooking into a brute swordfish represents the pinnacle for many anglers. But landing one requires mastery of specialized tactics. This comprehensive guide covers critical swordfish strategies - from gear and bait rigging to daytime and nighttime techniques. With insights from seasoned experts at In The Spread, discover how to conquer these elusive giants.

  • display of fishing hooks used for mangrove snapper

    2023, Hooks for Mangrove Snapper: An Angler's Guide

    Embark on a journey to master the elusive Mangrove Snapper fishing with the right hooks and tactics. Dive into the scientific allure of Lutjanus griseus, explore the ideal hooks for a successful catch, and unveil the tactics that promise an angling adventure. Discover a world where every cast narrates a tale of the aquatic wilderness.

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    hooks for grouper fishing

    2023, Hooks for Grouper Fishing

    Unravel the secrets of grouper fishing hooks with our comprehensive guide. From the fierce Gag Grouper to the mighty Goliath, learn about the ideal hooks for each species. Elevate your angling adventures and secure the big catches with precision and expertise.

  • Hooks for Tuna Fishing

    2021, Hooks for Tuna Fishing

    Tuna fishing involves using small hooks, varying in size, due to their powerful appetites and keen sight. Tuna have sharp vision, making them efficient predators. To avoid hook shyness, use a strong wire hook. Tuna's sporting prowess requires a strong wire hook, as even small tuna can heat up the tackle. Quality hooks are crucial for successful tuna fishing.

  • Getting Hooked by a Fishing Hook - Dwayne Hickey

    2019, Getting Hooked by a Fishing Hook - Dwayne Hickey

    The author, a 25-year muskie fisher, has learned the importance of proper care during unhooking and picture-taking. They made mistakes like leaving a lure in a musky's mouth, causing pain, and using gloves on a fish. They also learned to avoid further complications.