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live bait chumming yellowfin tuna in the spread fishing video venice la
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Live Bait Chumming Yellowfin Tuna

The land of milk and honey on so many game fishing levels. Yellowfin tuna fishing in Venice, Louisiana is arguably the best in North America. The fish are plentiful. There are consistently really nice sized fish being caught and amongst the general population roam some fat cows. Venice and for that matter the whole of southern Louisiana is truly loaded with great fishing. In The Spread teamed up with Capt. Josh Howard to share yellowfin tuna techniques and tactics using live bait fish in this fishing video.

The unique opportunity that Louisiana affords is all the oil platforms, floating platforms, drill ships and underwater piping that reside in the Gulf. This structure serves as the shelter that helps build a vibrant food chain throughout the water column. That is why venice yellowfin tuna fishing is so dynamic.

Chumming live bait is a lethal technique for targeting fish on this fixed structure. The wild card in the mix is the casual deep water trawler that appears on the horizon. The boats are known to hold big tuna, at times. Josh has fished these boats for years, so he knows how to target fish and not get cut off by all the cables from the nets. As we pulled up you could see birds working, bonita jumping and a few sharks cruising around. Game on. The idea is to pitch live baits to see if anything comes up. 100+ lb will follow these trawlers.

What we want to do in this In The Spread Live Chumming video is share with you strategies and tactics for how to catch tuna on live bait around various forms of structure. Capt. Josh Howard will tell you what style and size of hook he likes for bait fishing. He will covers selecting hooks based on bait size. You will learn about the rods and reels he recommends for this type of fishing. We cover whether he likes braided line of monofilament and the type of fluorocarbon he prefers. You will learn concepts like how to draw fish away from the structure, how to chum live bait in open water, chumming strategies, how to locate and catch bait, seasonal changes in bait availability, whether scads, hard tails, threadfin herring, tinker mackerels or poagies are best. The information in this video will help you catch fish.

Josh goes into considerable detail on how to distribute chum to establish your boat as the food source and then create distance between the bait and the boat, so the bait presents itself as easy pickings for the yellowfin bombing up from underneath. How you utilize the current in this process is important. We will cover all the details.

How you hook fish and fight them determines your level of success. Learn techniques for driving hooks to ensure solid hookups. The type of hook you use and the size of baits plays into this equation. Find out how to adjust your drag to drive the hook. See how Josh manipulates the drag to his advantage throughout the fight. The mechanics of rod and reel usage until the fish is in the boat are covered and more.

This fishing video is a great tool for anyone interested in learning about live chumming or for the more experienced fisherman out there looking to add more knowledge to their quiver.

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