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Jigs for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

In your hunt to catch yellowfin tuna, there will be times when you will be forced to try and trigger bites from fish hundreds of feet down, if you want to catch anything. Having an arsenal of jigs for yellowfin tuna, the optimal tackle setup and a keen understanding of jigging techniques may be the only way to bring Thunnus albacares to the boat. Worldwide angler Seth Hartwick is here to share his experience driven knowledge in this Jigs for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing video.

Like most pelagic fish species, yellowfin tuna will, at times, suspend at the depth of deep water bait fish and feast. The trick is in how to fish for yellowfin tuna when they are down in the water column. Speed jigs or knife jigs, whatever you want to call them, are an especially effective tool for just this purpose.

If you have spent enough time yellowfin tuna fishing, you have seen dolphin schools pushing bait with no visible surface activity from the tuna. We all know that down below the surface, hordes of savage predators are feasting on hapless baitfish. In this scenario, jigs are going to be your saving grace.

Jigs are tremendous fishing catchers. The key is having the right gear and enough understanding of jigging techniques to capitalize on the tunas feeding behavior. You have to reach them where they are holding. Knowing how to fish the entire water column is so important.

Seth Hartwick brings wealth of insight on yellowfin tuna fishing with this instructional fishing video. He knows what works and what doesn't work so well, because he has spent so much time fishing for the species around the world. Seth not only talks about the jigs and related tackle, but goes into boat positioning relative to the school before dropping and when to reposition your boat. He also shares how to situate yourself relative to the wind. This can be an often overlooked aspect to successful fishing. The information he shares in all the fishing videos he does with In The Spread is applicable to any fishery where yellowfin tuna are caught.

When it comes to the jigs for yellowfin tuna fishing, Seth Hartwick has tried darn near everything on the market. What you are privy to in this fishing video will save you ample time and money. You will hear about the weight range of jigs you should have and how to rig jigs for yellowfin tuna fishing. He will discuss in detail the drop cord, hooks, skirts, rings, split rings and swivels, as well as what size to use relative to the jig size. This is the nitty gritty of jigging for yellowfin tuna.

The other critical elements to successful jigging relate to the rod and reel setup. This is huge. If you don't match your rod to the jig size you are fishing, you will struggle. Having the right reel with the appropriate gear ratio and drag setting make all the difference. Seth will show you the rods and reels he uses and tell you why he uses them.

If you are interested in jigs for yellowfin tuna, jigging techniques and the tackle that makes it so much easier, this fishing video is a good jump off point.

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