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  • Jigs for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Jigs for Yellowfin

    Seth Hartwick, a global fisherman, shares his insights on yellowfin tuna jigs, jigging techniques, rods, and reels for targeting tuna at depth. He discusses rig options like drop cord, hooks, skirts, split rings, and swivels, as well as his preferred reels and rods for jigging. Hartwick emphasizes the importance of the right gear ratio, drag system, and rod size when selecting jigging rods.

  • Tuna Lures - Casting to Yellowfin and Bluefin

    2022, Tuna Lures - Casting to Yellowfin and Bluefin

    Trolling and casting are popular methods for tuna fishing, with surface poppers, stickbaits, sinking stickbaits, and jigs being popular categories. To determine the best products, it's essential to consult experienced fishermen. In The Spread, a blog, the author curates fishing knowledge by identifying knowledgeable fishermen who have dedicated themselves to a specific fishing technique. Seth Hartwick, a tuna tested world traveler, is an expert in casting lures for tuna.