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  • Arthur Bjontegard holds an amberjack caught vertical jigging with In The Spread

    2023, Bottom Fishing - Dropping Baits and Vertical Jigging

    Bottom fishing over deep offshore structure puts you in the strike zone for monster fish. Drifting and vertical jigging with optimal tackle allows you to thoroughly work ledges, wrecks, and rock piles. Match your rigging, lure choice, and presentation to the conditions to unlock the secrets of deep dropping success.

  • Vertical Speed Jigging Basics

    2022, Jigging - Basics of Vertical Jig Fishing

    Vertical jigging is an effective fishing technique for deeper water structures, including wrecks, reefs, and oil platforms. It can attract various gamefish, including amberjack, grouper, snapper, tuna, dolphin, and billfish. Captain Chad Raney shares his simple approach to speed jigging, covering rods, reels, rigs, and jigs. His smooth demeanor makes learning easy, and his experience can help you level up your fishing knowledge.

  • Jigs for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Jigs for Yellowfin

    Seth Hartwick, a global fisherman, shares his insights on yellowfin tuna jigs, jigging techniques, rods, and reels for targeting tuna at depth. He discusses rig options like drop cord, hooks, skirts, split rings, and swivels, as well as his preferred reels and rods for jigging. Hartwick emphasizes the importance of the right gear ratio, drag system, and rod size when selecting jigging rods.

  • Slow Pitch Jigging

    2021, Jigging - Slow Pitch Basics

    Slow pitch jigging is a highly productive fishing technique for grouper and snapper, targeting fish near their feeding locations. It allows for specific depth control, mimicking wounded bait fish, while speed jigging mimics fleeing fish. Feeding triggers can be used instead of eliciting a reaction strike. Learn more about jigging techniques, fighting techniques, rods, reels, and jigs used for this effective fishing method.

  • Musky Fishing Jigging Lures

    2020, Muskie - Jigging Lures with Cory Allen

    This video by Cory Allen teaches how to use non-typical baits for vertical jigging, triggering more bites from neutral or inactive musky. He presents five exceptional muskie lures, including the H2O Tackle Barbarian, HardHead, EchoTail, Molix Spoon, and safety pin spinner bait. By using these baits, you can feel the depth and behavior at depth, making them lethal tools for musky fisherman. By expanding your arsenal, you can explore deep water and catch more musky.

  • coral trout caught by Thomas Hilton jigging soft plastics at Rowley Shoals on a jig head rigged with a soft plastic

    2019, Reef Fishing - Jigging Soft Plastics

    Soft plastics rigged on the right jig head can create an irresistible presentation for big predatory reef fish. Learn from experienced fishermen to improve your fishing skills. Chris Rushford, of Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures, shares his jig fishing techniques, tackle, and soft plastic lures for reef fishing. Rig jigs for optimal swimming action and use the right jig heads, rod, spinning reel, line, leader, and knots to catch big fish.

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    Jigging Spinner Baits for Musky with Cory Allen

    2018, Muskie - Jigging Spinner Baits with Cory Allen

    In The Spread fishing video, Cory Allen discusses using spinnerbaits for vertical jigging and yo-yoing for big musky. This technique is highly effective for triggering bites from suspended or neutral fish and is underutilized. Learn from the best and fish smarter with this underutilized technique.

  • Chad Raney and his mate lift a huge amberjack caught wreck fishing south Florida

    2024, Amberjack - A Guide to Sport Fishing for this Fierce Fighter

    Embark on an unforgettable amberjack fishing journey with our expert guide. Discover the thrill of battling these fierce fighters using top techniques, gear, and baits, and learn the best spots in Florida for an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Perfect for both novice and seasoned anglers aiming to conquer the mighty amberjack.

  • Jigging for Muskie in Clear Skinny Water - Dwayne Hickey

    2019, Jigging for Muskie in Clear Skinny Water - Dwayne Hickey

    Cats and muskies are good hunters, making sight fishing and the "cat & mouse game" approach essential. The author uses a sinking musky lure, searching for "Still" fish, and then pops the jig off the bottom. Jig combos, slug-Os, and Fin-S are excellent choices.

  • Jigging for Smallmouth Bass

    2018, Jigging for Smallmouth Bass

    Scott Lewis, a fisherman and biologist, shares his expertise in smallmouth bass fishing in Eastern Tennessee. He uses his snorkel to study local aquatic ecology and uses jigs to attract the elusive bass. Lewis also explains the effects of water levels on bass behavior and shares his angling techniques. He also reveals prime bass habitats and boat positioning secrets. Lewis's knowledge can elevate fishing skills and make each trip to the river a new adventure.

  • Jigging for Muskie with Spinner Baits

    2018, Jigging for Muskie with Spinner Baits

    Cory Allen, a seasoned musky guide, demonstrates the effectiveness of jigging spinnerbaits in musky fishing. This technique allows for a lateral presentation with lift and fall, allowing for control on both ends of the spectrum. Allen's musky fishing videos showcase his impressive freshwater fishing toolbox and show how adjusting your technique can improve your musky fishing success.