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How to Fillet Redfish and Sea Trout

Fillet Redfish and Sea Trout

Learn how to fillet redfish and sea trout with this short tutorial from Capt. William Toney. His skill with a fillet knife helps make easy work of the fish he catches to eat. William's knife expertise comes from years of filleting fish for himself and his clients. This may be an almost everyday occurrence for him, as an inshore fishing guide on Florida's Gulf coast.

The better you are at understanding the anatomy of various fish and how to go about removing the meat is a handy bit of information to know. As with any fish or animal that you harvest, not wasting any edible parts is key. If you are going to kill something, you should consume it.

Having the right know how is critical to not wasting. A sharp knife is also key. Being able to quickly and smartly fillet redfish and sea trout will make your life so much easier, at the end of the day. There is nothing like freshly caught fish on your plate. The last thing you want is to leave meat on the bones.

William Toney will walk you through how to sharpen your knife using a wet stone and then how to remove the fillets from both of these wonderful eating fish.

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