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Redfish Sea Trout Snook Slam

Redfish and seatrout are pretty easy to catch. Snook is the inshore species that is a tad more of a challenge. Using one artificial lure to catch all three in the same day is an even more interesting challenge. Captain William Toney is here to show you how he goes about hooking up with a seatrout, redfish and snook in one afternoon using a DOA, MirrOlure jig combo. It's one for all and all on one. This isn't trophy fishing. This is slam fishing, so the tow goals should be get the slam and have a ton of fun working your ass off to get it.

Each of these species inhabits somewhat different areas, so be prepared to move to position yourself in ideal spots. William Toney is great at explaining what types of water and structure combinations to fish. Each day is different, so you need a lot of situational awareness to achieve the lofty inshore slam goal. You will get a lot of ideas from William about how to capitalize on the conditions and tides when fishing for sea trout, redfish and snook.

One of the best things about fishing and learning from William is the detail he goes into on where and what to look for relative to each fish. This instructional fishing video takes you on a step by step journey through how to locate and fish for each of the three inshore species.

Sea Trout like good hard bottom grass flats. Drifting these areas is ideal for covering water. What works well for this fish is working the jig to mimic a wounded minnow or fleeing shrimp. You will see how to work the rod to get the right action. The only difference in the presentation used for all three species was the addition of the popping cork for the seatrout. Otherwise, everything is the same. If you want to learn more about how to catch sea trout and learn some great fishing tips, check out Captain William Toney in other Sea Trout Fishing Videos.

Redfish bite well on the incoming tide and will stage on rocky points facing the tide. As the water level rises, it is important to keep your bait moving. As you are fishing rocky areas, you do not want the lure to hit bottom. Vertical jigging is what William uses to keep the bait in motion. His technique is refined from years of fishing, but if you pay close attention to what he shares, you can get that pro touch dialed in fairly quickly. Even though we use the single DOA, MirrOlure combination, all sorts of bait works very well for redfish. To learn more about fishing for redfish, using bait, catching bait, etc., watch our other Redfish Fishing Videos.

The most difficult fish to catch of the three is the snook, by a long shot. Tricky, savvy, skittish, what have you, the snook is where most of your time will be invested. Patience and knowledge pay off, though. The jig combo used by William is one that snook are suckers love. Work fast moving water juxtaposed with cuts, channels, passes between keys, any place where bait gets swept along by the current. Snook are lazy, allowing food to come to them. They will layup facing into the current and just wait for something irresistible to come by. You can learn more snook fishing tactics and techniques with our other Snook FishingVideos.

Soak in what Captain William Toney has to share in this fishing video about achieving an inshore fishing slam. He is as experienced and highly skilled as any fishing guide on Florida's west coast. He is a great teacher with no ego. Live it. Learn it. Fish Smarter.

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