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dolphin fishing techniques in the spread video
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Deep Sea Fishing for Dolphin with RJ Boyle

The dolphinfish, or Coryhaena hippurus, is one of those pelagic species that fishermen have great success with or great struggles. What we are going to do with this In The Spread Dolphin Fishing Techniques is compartmentalize the topics into all the things you need to do before you leave the dock and all the things you need to know and do while on the water. You have to be prepared for when dolphin deep sea fishing for that school to show up behind the boat or when you spot what could be indications of a bull dolphin. We will go through everything methodically.

Whether your objective is to catch that big bull dolphin or a cooler full of schoolies, we are going to give you the information necessary to be very productive at both. The host of this video, RJ Boyle, is as thorough as any fisherman could possibly be about preparing his tools, tackle, rigs, bait and boat when targeting any species. You may want to call him anal. It is just who he is. He has laminated sheets detailing all the tools he needs for any given fish. Everything is systematic with RJ. His boat and all his tackle are highly organized. For some perspective on RJ Boyle's mahi fishing techniques, he started out as a mate on a commercial dolphin fishing boat and his livelihood depended on catching loads of fish. There was no room for error, so his skills became highly refined. This video is a complete download of all his knowledge on dolphin deep sea fishing.

While having all the rights tools, tackle and bait are critical, there are some really important tactics that will have a huge impact on your success. How do you systematically keep the school behind you boat for as long as you want and catch multiple fish or find that loan bull roaming open water and trigger a bite? All the ingredients are in this fishing video.

We will start out with showing you all the tools you need. Some are obvious and some are not. RJ starts will files for hook sharpening, mono cutters, dikes, crimpers, a fillet knife, chum bags, the de-hooker, dip nets, menhaden oil, gaffs and more before moving on to terminal tackle.

As a former mate and now a tackle shop owner, RJ Boyle has not only spent years refining his own program, but also dealing with both professional crews and individual anglers on the terminal tackle and techniques that are best suited for this type of saltwater fishing. RJ goes into great detail on the tackle, bait and rigs you need before you leave the dock. The dolphin rig is king. It is the component that needs to be right when run across birds, floating debris or weed lines. See various ways to rig it, the type of lures and colors that seem to produce more fish and how to incorporate the presentation into your trolling spread for dolphin. Is there a correlation between the moon and whether you should use mono vs. fluorocarbon? Perhaps. Learn how to deal with fish that won't eat. What baits can you use to trigger bites from inactive fish and how do you catch them? Find out. There is also the bait cooler with chunks and strips that you take on the boat. How much bait should you take, what kind and how do you keep it fresh for the day?

To really achieve the goal of filling your box with dolphin, your boat setup plays a huge roll. It is all these little things that determines how many, if any, mahi-mahi you boat. You are not only going to need the dead bait, but you may need the live bait for those times when the dolphinfish will just not eat. So, you will need a live well. How big a live well you need depends on your boat size and how long you plan to fish. You also have to think about where you are going to store the dolphin you catch. Another key element is your gaff selection. What kind do you need and why do they work better that some other sized gaffs. This is huge. Be sure to have the right picks.

How do you catch dolphin? Be prepared before you hit the water and know proven fishing methods. For the presentation on fishing tactics, we filmed RJ at his house, in a mock studio or classroom, so to speak. This gave us a way to do chalk board style renderings that enable you to visualize what we are talking about in a more controlled environment than being in the midst of the fishing action. The first topic covered is formulating a game plan. Look at the weather reports, sea surface temperature charts, read fishing reports, gather as much intel as you can to be super prepared. I know we keep mentioning preparation, but that is a big part of any fishing outing. The more you know, the better your chances are to catch fish. Understanding weedlines, current edges and color changes is the next topic. What side should you fish, in what direction should your troll and for how long? This is a lengthy and beneficial section of the fishing video. How should you approach floating debris? How do you fish it? What are frigate birds and traveling sea birds telling you? What species are the different birds following? The answer to all these questions and more is here.

Now, once you are in the fish, you will know best practices for keeping them behind your boat after watching this dolphin fishing video. The keys to success fall into what can be classified as a science. The science of catching a lot of dorado is unlocked in this In The Spread video. Whether you have a big sport fisher or a smaller center console, the principles of attracting and keeping fish next to the boat and the angling system employed are very much the same. See how you use menhaden oil, chum and bait chunks. Learn how to use the oil, why you should be using chum and a cadence for throwing the cut bait chunks. Team work is crucial.

This is a very lengthy and informative fishing video. Take your time and watch it. You may find yourself watching it more than once, in order to fully digest all the knowledge being shared. We always try hard to drill into a stye of fishing, a technique or a specific tactic as deep as we can, so you have more than enough information to achieve the success you desire on the water fishing for the species you love. Remember to never stop learning.

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