Dolphin Fishing - Angling Techniques

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

A rotation-style dolphin fishing technique involves catching every fish that appears. It involves using steady food, such as menhaden oil, chum, and chunks, to keep pelagic food vacuums happy. The process involves drawing a fish away from the school, sending out hooked bait, and sending out loan chunks. This method is effective for both big sport fishers and center consoles.

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Key Points of Summary on Dolphin Fishing - Angling Techniques

  • Dolphin fishing, also known as mahi mahi fishing, requires specific techniques to catch multiple fish from a school
  • The rotation system involves at least two anglers and a steady food supply to keep the dolphin near the boat
  • Hooking the first dolphin and keeping it in the water is crucial to attract the school
  • Positioning, chumming, and chunking are key elements of the systematic approach
  • Monitoring the health of the first hooked fish is essential to prevent the school from scattering
  • The angler rotation technique is effective on both large sport yachts and center consoles

Dolphin fishing, also known as mahi mahi fishing, is an exciting and rewarding experience for anglers. However, when it comes to catching multiple fish from a school, there's a method to the madness. The science behind it is explained in this In The Spread fishing video, where we dive deep into the techniques for your learning benefit.

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