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Chunking Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin Tuna

The In The Spread Chunking, Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin Tuna Fishing video is about down and dirty techniques and real learning. Florida fishing pro and tackle shop owner RJ Boyle sits down with Triston Hunt to about how to catch yellowfin tuna. This entire video is about catching more fish. These guys talk preparation, bait and tackle, theories on baiting tuna and more. Keep in mind, this is the same fish around the world. Take the fishing techniques you learn here and apply them to your fishery.

Experience lends for knowledge and keen insight. Triston Hunt is sharing that with you. This is a guy that flies way under the radar. He just fishes. He possesses a wealth of knowledge that is on tap for you. Go with the right people or learn from the smartest fisherman you can. Be a smarter fisherman. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands, yes thousands, of dollars to go out and not catch anything.

In this fishing video, we avail you with tuna fishing tactics and techniques that are way outside the box and super productive. The conversation centers around what it takes to catch fish in the Bahamas. The tuna fishing tactics and techniques can be implemented anywhere.

Learn everything you need to know about tuna chunking, live baiting and locating strategies to make your next outing one for the history books. In this video, we share a lifetime of experience, as we discuss and explain in detail when to fish, what gear to use, baits that work, fine tuning your electronics, working the birds, trolling lures, chunking, drifting, live baiting, tackle and rigs, keeping the school close and so much more. This is a must watch video for yellowfin tuna fishing enthusiasts.

The bait and tackle discussion is wide ranging. What types of live and dead bait are most suitable to this fishing? What are the favorite baits? Which baits worked best and how much do you need? How do these guys get their bait and how do they keep it fresh? When it comes to the tackle, just keep it simple. From the hook to the rod and reel, every knot, connection and component is presented. Is it better to use braided line vs mono? Why are fluorocarbon leaders the choice and how much gets the job done? Harnesses can prove useful, if that is your thing. Do you have to fight the fish standing up? Maybe not. Triston likes to troll very small attractant lures. Learn about them and why he utilizes them.

The key questions in this video are how do you find yellowfin tuna and how do you get them to eat. Are you interested in knowing the difference in what electronics can offer? Is radar necessary? How do you fine tune it to help find birds? If you find the birds, you will find the fish. So, once you find the birds, what messaging are they sending? This is huge. From here, learn how using lures advances your catching opportunities. Why do these little lures attract more fish? When you get on the fish,what live bait chumming techniques are productive? This is simple and you will learn it all. How do you keep the fish around your boat? Think about how this strategy varies if you are using live baits vs dead baits.

This yellowfin tuna fishing video answers all these questions. In The Spread drills way in to save you time and money. You are going to fish smarter. Watch and learn. Never stop learning.

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