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Brown Trout Fly Tying with Chad Bryson

Chad Bryson has been fly fishing Georgia since he was a child and all over the southern United States, Alaska and South America most of his life. He has what can be considered a very sharp set of trout fly fishing skills. Chad has spent years analyzing how big trout behave in a variety of waters and he brings that knowledge to his fly tying videos. His brown trout flies are made with simple purpose. You can see the craftsmanship demonstrated in the water. The flies work, they swim well and are durable. None of the big streamer top flies Chad ties are that difficult to tie. In this In The Spread fishing video, you will see what fly tying materials are use, the tools, fly tying vise and most importantly how each feather is added and each wrap of thread laid down. There is a lot of detail in this step by step process of how to tie a fly for big trout.

The River Raptor is made up of deer hair, bucktail and feathers. It is a little different than many of Chad's brown trout fishing flies, in that it is a single hook articulated fly. Most of his others are double hook. This streamer has a tad smaller profile, but it is lethal. So, if you want to stuff huge fish, this is a great fly to have in your repertoire.

The first things you will see Chad discuss are his materials. None of the flies you see his tie in other videos are too complicated. The one thing you can count on is Chad keeping things simple. Simple and lethal. So, he gets right into the importance of a good rotary vise. This makes all the difference. You will learn about the bobbin he uses, assorted thread, scissors and hooks. A good strong hook is your foundation. Pick the right one and keep in mind your gap size relative to the flies end profile. You want the hook to penetrate the fish and not get fouled. Chad will explain.

This is where the rubber meets the road, as we get right into how to tie. You will see how to lay down a thread base and why you need this. The selection of schlappen is next. Picking the right feathers is key and how you lay them on the hook is super important for how the fly will swim. One of the best parts of this video is Chad going into detail about the colors he selects for each component and how those choices are driven by the fish the brown trout feed on, the water color and time of year. There is a lot to think about and a hell of a lot to learn. You will be able to tie this streamer after watching this video. The more you know, the more you catch. Always go with knowledge, because at the end of the day, that is how you succeed.

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