Brown Trout - Tying Articulated Flies with Chad Bryson

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Instructor: Chad Bryson

Capt. Chad Bryson's first articulated fly for big trout was designed to produce bigger fish than other guides. Despite being homeless and begging for big trout, the Filthy Beggar still consistently catches big trout.

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  • Creator: Capt. Chad Bryson
  • Fly Name: The Filthy Beggar
  • Purpose: Designed for trophy brown trout fishing.
  • Inspiration: Chad was once homeless, needing an edge over fellow guides.
  • Size: Slightly smaller than Chad's other trout flies.
  • Complexity: Simple process with basic fly tying materials.
  • Key Materials: Streamer hooks, estaz, silly legs, fish skull sculpin helmet, rabbit strips, feathers, marabou, stainless cable.
  • Significance: It started Chad's journey in trophy brown trout fishing.
The Filthy Beggar Fly: A Trophy Brown Trout Game-Changer

In this In The Spread fly tying tutorial, we're honored to have Capt. Chad Bryson share the origins and techniques behind the very first articulated fly he ever crafted: the Filthy Beggar. This isn't just a fly; it's a testament to resilience, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

A Fly with a Tale

There's a poignant backstory to the Filthy Beggar. At a challenging juncture in Chad's life, when he found himself homeless and living out of his truck, he was simultaneously guiding eager anglers. To distinguish himself and offer an edge over other guides, he needed a unique lure that would consistently attract trophy brown trout for his clientele. Thus, the Filthy Beggar was born — a fly that not only brought substantial fish into his boat but also symbolized his tenacious spirit.

Size Matters, But So Does Legacy

While the Filthy Beggar might appear slightly smaller compared to some of Chad's subsequent designs, it's crucial to recognize that this is the very fly that set him on the triumphant trajectory of trophy brown trout fishing. This fly is a testament to beginnings and the endless possibilities they can lead to.

The Tying Process: Simplicity Meets Excellence

Crafting the Filthy Beggar isn't a convoluted affair. With a handful of straightforward materials and techniques, even beginners can master this design:

  • Materials: Get acquainted with the essentials. This includes:
  1. Streamer hooks tailored for the Filthy Beggar
  2. Estaz, silly legs, and fish skull sculpin helmet
  3. Rabbit strips, diverse feathers, marabou, and stainless cable
  • Feather Selection: One of the pivotal aspects of fly tying is choosing the right feathers. This video will delve into the intricacies of making the perfect pick.
  • The Original Touch: Keeping the nostalgia alive, Chad ties the Filthy Beggar just as he did when he first conceived it. It's a journey back in time and a lesson in preserving authenticity.

Remember, the cornerstone of all of Chad Bryson's brown trout flies is twofold: efficacy and durability. These aren't just flies; they're reliable tools crafted with purpose and precision.

Dive In and Learn

Watch, absorb, and immerse yourself in the world of an exceptional fly fisherman as he walks you through the art of creating this unique, small articulated presentation. Whether you're a seasoned angler or someone starting, this video is a treasure trove of insights and skills.

For those passionate about big trout fly fishing, the Filthy Beggar is an indispensable addition to your collection. Don't miss out on learning from the best!

Q: Who is Capt. Chad Bryson?

A: Capt. Chad Bryson is an exceptional fly fisherman known for his fly tying videos and techniques, especially for brown trout.

Q: What is special about the Filthy Beggar fly?
A: The Filthy Beggar was the very first articulated fly designed by Chad during a challenging period in his life. It was created to give him an advantage in attracting large trout for his clients.

Q: Are Chad's fly tying methods complicated?
A: No, Chad's methods are straightforward. Even with the Filthy Beggar, which has more components than some of his other flies, the process is simple and easy to follow.

Q: What are the key materials needed for the Filthy Beggar?
A: Some of the essential materials include streamer hooks, estaz, silly legs, fish skull sculpin helmet, rabbit strips, feathers, marabou, and stainless cable.

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Capt. Chad Bryson

No sir, Chad Bryson isn't your typical person. He is a maestro of the wide aquatic wilderness and a man of the river, a wise man of the stream. He has served as an angler, a guide, and even a product development consultant for more years than a catfish has whiskers. He is regarded as a pillar of the fly fishing industry.

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