Wahoo - Lure Spread for High Speed Trolling

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

High speed trolling is the top method for wahoo fishing in the Bahamas and surrounding islands. The best fishermen have their systems in place, paying close attention to details. Corey Burlew, a lifelong fisherman, shares his knowledge on wahoo trolling, tackle preferences, tuning, angling tips, and boat driving for easier gaff shots.

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When it comes to wahoo fishing in the Bahamas and surrounding islands, high speed trolling is the undisputed champion. The elite fishermen in this domain have perfected their techniques down to the minutest detail. Factors such as wind, tides, moon phases, time of day, terminal tackle, lure spread arrangement, and boat driving are meticulously considered.

Spotlight: Corey Burlew

Corey Burlew has dominated the high stakes arena of wahoo tournament fishing for most of his life. His reputation is built on a methodical approach to preparing for and participating in tournaments across the Eastern Atlantic.

    Corey has a proven system, and he's unveiling it right here.

High Speed Trolling for Wahoo: Lure Spread

In the first installment of the comprehensive High Speed Trolling for Wahoo video series, Corey delves into the basics of setting up his wahoo trolling spread. He elucidates the objectives behind each lure's position. His management of the spread is nothing short of genius.

    Wahoo fishing isn't just about speed and catching fish. Once you hook one, there are specific techniques to entice more bites. Watch and listen as Corey demonstrates and explains these invaluable strategies. The insights in this video are a treasure trove for any angler.

The Art of Boat Driving

Correct boat driving is paramount. If not executed properly, it can be the difference between a successful catch and a missed opportunity, both during hookups and when bringing the fish to the gaff.

    This video is a masterclass in fishing. Absorb its teachings and then venture out to implement them.

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