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vertical speed jigging in the spread chad raney
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Vertical Speed Jigging

Jigging is one of the world’s oldest lure fishing techniques. While there are various forms of jigging, like high speed and slow-pitch, what we feature in this In The Spread fishing video will be the basics of high speed vertical jigging. This is a very effective fishing technique that works quite well for pelagic fish and structure oriented fish like amberjack, grouper, snapper and wahoo.

The idea behind high speed jigging is to mimic the behavior of fleeing baitfish. The behavior of a baitfish that is running for its life is irresistible to most wreck, reef and rig fish. Down on the structure, it is an all out competition amongst predators to gobble up anything in the open. The most aggressive and hungriest fish is going to be the one that hammers your jig.

The technique involves dropping the jig to the bottom in freespool, then quickly working the rod up and down in a jigging motion, while you crank the reel as fast as you are able. The slack line is retrieved quickly to ensure the jig is constantly darting around. The rod motion is fast and rhythmic. It takes a little getting used to, but you can easily dial in the action with a bit of practice.

Captain Chad Raney of Old Hat Fishing, out of Miami, takes a simple approach to all of his fishing, making it look effortless. In the case of vertical jigging, Chad will share some basic technique, as he walks you through dropping jigs to the bottom, working them up thru a school of fish and back to the boat. What you may catch runs the gambit. It could be a snowy grouper, a small almaco jack or a massive amberjack or tuna.

Structure like wrecks, reefs, and oil rigs make great areas to drop jigs and work them through the water column. High speed vertical jigging is very productive when you have marked fish. The ability to drop a jig directly into a school means almost guaranteed action.

Chad will share the rods, reels and jigs he uses to haul in all sorts of gamefish. He will profile the light, super strong rods he uses that impart maximum action to the jig. Never knowing what will eat your jig, you better be ready to do damage and your tackle better be able to handle what may come its way. He will preview the Shimano spinning reels he favors and what he spools them with. Since you may be trying to stop a reef donkey from getting into the structure, you need to be prepared. Having the proper rod and reel setup is critical with any form of vertical jigging.

This is a basic presentation on tactics, tackle, line, leaders and jigs. Our more advanced speed jigging video will be forth coming, where we take a much closer look at a range of jigs, rod builds, reels and angling techniques.

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