Jigging - Basics of Vertical Jig Fishing

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Instructor: Chad Raney

Vertical jigging is an effective fishing technique for deeper water structures, including wrecks, reefs, and oil platforms. It can attract various gamefish, including amberjack, grouper, snapper, tuna, dolphin, and billfish. Captain Chad Raney shares his simple approach to speed jigging, covering rods, reels, rigs, and jigs. His smooth demeanor makes learning easy, and his experience can help you level up your fishing knowledge.

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Jigging is one of the world’s oldest lure fishing techniques. There are various forms of jigging, such as high speed and slow-pitch. In this In The Spread fishing video, we'll delve into the basics of high speed vertical jigging. This technique is particularly effective for pelagic fish and structure-oriented fish like amberjack, grouper, snapper, and wahoo.

The Concept Behind High Speed Jigging

The primary idea is to imitate the behavior of fleeing baitfish. Predators find the behavior of a baitfish running for its life irresistible, especially among wreck, reef, and rig fish. Down in the structure, predators fiercely compete to consume anything in the open. The most aggressive and hungriest fish will be the one to strike your jig.

The Technique Explained

  • Drop the Jig: Start by dropping the jig to the bottom in freespool.
  • Work the Rod: Quickly work the rod up and down in a jigging motion while cranking the reel as fast as possible.
  • Retrieve the Slack: Ensure the jig is always darting around by quickly retrieving the slack line. The rod motion should be fast and rhythmic. With some practice, you'll get the hang of it.

Insights from Captain Chad Raney

Captain Chad Raney of Old Hat Fishing in Miami simplifies his fishing approach, making it seem effortless. For vertical jigging, Chad offers insights on:

  • Dropping jigs to the bottom
  • Working them through a school of fish
  • Bringing them back to the boat

You might catch a variety of fish, from snowy grouper and small almaco jack to massive amberjack or tuna.

Ideal Structures for Jigging

Wrecks, reefs, and oil rigs are perfect spots for dropping jigs and working them through the water column. High speed vertical jigging becomes highly productive when you've marked fish. Dropping a jig directly into a school almost guarantees action.

Tackle Insights from Chad

Chad discusses the rods, reels, and jigs he uses to catch various gamefish. He emphasizes:

  • Light, super strong rods that give maximum action to the jig
  • Shimano spinning reels he prefers and the line he uses with them

Being prepared is crucial, especially when trying to prevent a reef donkey from reaching the structure. The right rod and reel setup is vital for any vertical jigging.

This presentation covers basic tactics, tackle, line, leaders, and jigs. Stay tuned for our advanced speed jigging video, where we'll delve deeper into jigs, rod builds, reels, and angling techniques.

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