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Instructor: Chad Raney

Planer fishing is essential for catching fish on east coast Florida and beyond. Planers allow you to troll baits and lures at various water depths, allowing you to present your bait down where the bait is holding. Capt. Chad Raney shares his techniques in a video, demonstrating the importance of finding the bait and finding the fish. Both in-line and bridled methods are effective.

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Fishing planers are the single greatest way to fish various depths, cover different water columns, and reach fish like wahoo, tuna, kingfish, dolphin, and sailfish where they are feeding. If the bait is down low, the fish you are after will be down low and if you are trolling baits on the surface, well, you will have a long day. Get your bait presentations down and run them there with fishing planers. See how to do it with the simple techniques Capt. Chad Raney shares in this fishing video from In The Spread.

Key Aspects of Fishing Nearshore Reefs and Structure

  • Knowing how to find fish on the reefs
  • Determining the right depth to fish
  • Search patterns to locate fish
  • Understanding atmospheric conditions and their effect on fish
  • Times of day that fish are biting, the barometer, wind, cloud cover, seas

    Tip: Chad has a few tips for you on how to get a handle on all these variables.

Trolling Speeds

At different times throughout the year, fish are willing to expend more energy chasing a meal, so adjust your trolling speeds to compliment those patterns. Watch and learn about summer vs. winter trolling speeds.

About Capt. Chad Raney

Capt. Chad Raney is a lifer. He has been carving up the nearshore reefs of South Florida for many years. With his level of experience, where to fish and with what are second nature. You will get a look at:

  1.     His bait rigs
  2. The sea witches
  3. What colors he uses and why
  4. Importance of trolling spoons in his planer fishing spread

Planer Fishing Rig

The planer fishing rig confounds some, but it shouldn't. It is really very simple. You need:

  •     An assortment of planers in different sizes
  • Good quality planers and hooks

    Note: Junk tackle will cost you. Get good stuff.

Baits for Planer Fishing

  •     Trusty strip bait like Bonito
  • How to hook strip baits for good swimming action
  • Importance of sea witches with strip baits

Tackle and Drag Settings

Understanding the size of a fishing planer relative to your tackle size and the depth you want to present baits is crucial. Other important points include:

  •     Drag settings for planer fishing
  • Marking your line for quick adjustments
  • Importance of boat driving while putting planers out

Additional Tips

  • Engaging and tripping your planers
  • Resetting planer after a bite
  • Checking your line after each bite for chaffing


If you want to catch more fish, planer fishing is a must-know skill. Take the knowledge being offered up in this fishing video and incorporate it into your program. Be a smarter fisherman. Learn from those that have long proven track records for catching fish and you will find yourself with more fish in your ice box.

Added bonuses of watching this video include:

  • Zeroing in on where you are getting bites
  • Staying with the school
  • Trolling birds and jigs on the reef
  • Jig colors to use for various water temps
  • Using outriggers to spread baits out

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