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top brown trout flies in the spread fishing video chad bryson
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Top Brown Trout Flies

Chad Bryson is a outstanding big trout fisherman, guide and wealth of knowledge. Clear water, dirty, pressured fish, it doesn't matter, Chad knows what presentations will work and he is not afraid to tell why he thinks such. For this In The Spread best trout flies video, Chad is going to discuss a few of his favorite fly patterns for big trophy brown trout. If you have not watched any of the Chad's other videos, you will quickly learn that he is a very easy going guy in the way he explains things. He is a great fisherman to learn from.

Chad likes to target fish that are measured in pounds, not inches. To understand what you are pursuing, you have to understand their feeding habits. Since Chad's primary focus is stuffing big fish, his mind set and fly choices are set around that premise. You are going to get a lesson on why at a certain point in the genetic development of a brown trout a switch flips and they start eating meat. Some will continue eating bugs and they will stay on the smaller side. Others will start eating larger invertebrates, like crawfish. But, there will be some fish that will other fish. These fish get a lot bigger. These are the fish Chad is after. Therefore, his favorite flies for brown trout fishing will be on the bigger side.

The top 5 best trout flies in this video are all conditions based choices. What I mean by that is, factors such as water color, fishing pressure and prevailing food sources are considered. Chad will explain his thinking for each of his smaller choices and each of the bigger profile streamers. As he examines each fly, you will learn how it works and why it works. These are some great flies for brown trout fishing. The more you know about how trout feed in a variety of circumstances and water conditions, the more you will understand how making the right presentation can be the difference between catching and not catching. Go with as much knowledge as you possibly can and your success on the water will go up.

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