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top 10 tuna lures seth hartwick in the spread

Top 10 Tuna Lures

If you had no idea where in the world you were going to fish for tuna and you could only take 10 tuna lures, which ones would you take? What would be your criteria for selecting those fishing lures? Would they be species specific, for bluefin or yellowfin? How would sea conditions factor into the choice equation? There are so many variables to consider. So, to give you a little advantage in making your own similar decision about what tuna lures to take to an unknown destination, Seth Hartwick is here to share is top 10 tuna lures. Seth has traveled all over the world chasing and catching tuna. He loves yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna. Over the years he has tested countless lures to know exactly which ones perform the best in a variety of bite and sea conditions. What he shares in this tuna fishing video are lures he is comfortable taking anywhere in the world. These are his confidence lures. Any day, any conditions, Seth is confident he can catch tuna with these tuna lures.

When I presented Seth Hartwick with the scenario of sharing his top 10 tuna lures for any given destination around the world, it didn't take him long to pick his lures. This is because he knows what works. This is based on his extensive tuna fishing experience. He has fished with some of the very tuna fishermen, lure craftsmen and fishing guides in places like Panama, New Caledonia, Australia, the Andaman Islands, Oman, Cape Cod, San Diego and on and on. If there is a spot in the world that has good tuna fishing, Seth has been there. He knows what works and what doesn't. His lure acumen is second to none. From build quality to swim performance, rigging and angling techniques, Seth is a wealth of information. This is why I asked him to compile his list. I selfishly wanted to know, but I also wanted you to know.

Making good lure purchases comes down to knowledge born out of experience. The more you fish, the more you realize the importance of using good gear. The better gear usually costs more and for sound reasons. Not everything has to be pricey, but it needs to be of good quality. There is no margin for using shoddy gear when big fish are on the line. With this compilation of top tuna lures, you will have a darn clear picture on what lures work and why. You will have a nice head start on putting together your own collection of well made tuna lures that catch fish. At the end of the fishing day, you want lures that catch fish and hold up to the punishment. I hope this brief fishing video helps you learn a little more, so you can have your best day catching tuna.

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