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Tarpon Fishing Florida

If there is one certainty in the world of tarpon fishing it is that Florida has tremendous big fish action. The west coast of the state experiences a prolific tarpon migration of beast mode fish. Sarasota makes for an easy going launch point to bait some of those really nice fish. With fish rolling through in waves, the opportunities are plentiful to stretch your arms. Keep in mind, Florida currently holds dozens of world records for tarpon, most of which have been caught off of Florida's central west coast. Boom. This makes Sarasota well within trophy country.

In The Spread teamed up with underground inshore fishing guide Jason Coffrin to show you how a lifelong resident recommends pursuing these beasts. Sight casting to big tarpon fish is one of the great angling experiences, but it is not as easy as it may seem. Just because you have fish after fish cruising south along the coast does not mean you can just run out, chuck a tarpon bait out and get hooked up. Placement and the way the bait moves in the water is critical. You will see anglers throwing one thing after another at the fish and coming up empty time and again. You really have to place your presentation in the direct path of a fish and then peel off line, so the bait descends in a very natural way. If anything is off, you are left waiting. It can be frustrating.

Jason has been plying this stretch of coastline for decades and has a keen touch for hooking monsters. He will walk you through every step and discuss every detail of vessel placement, bait presentation, angling technique, the gear you need and other valuable fishing tips in this video. One thing for sure, how you approach the school with your boat, to get into casting range, makes huge difference. Some fishermen drive right into the school pushing the fish down out of range. Stalk the school with care and be aware of how the fish are swimming, so as not to ruin your opportunity.

What is the best bait for tarpon? The right bait is key. In this case, it is all about live crabs. If you don't have them, you might as well stay home. Jason will show you exactly what type he likes, the ideal size and how to hook a live crab.

How you present your tarpon bait is the next important factor. Off by a foot and no bite. Learn where you should place your offering and why. Many times you will see guys casting baits into the middle of the school only to reel back in and fire again and again with no luck. There is a certain method to the offering. Everything has to be as natural as possible. Tarpon fish are particular. Just be patient. Use some the info shared in this fishing video and your only worry will be how to get that pig to the boat.

All of the initial steps, prior to getting tight, seem rather straight forward and they are if you understand why you need to do these things. It is just the meticulous detail that determine your success level. With a giant tarpon on the other end of your line, prepare to be tested. This is not joke. Big fish require big fish tactics, so you can actually boat your fish and get a clean release. If you are so lucky to get a monster, as we were, you will need to know a few angling techniques that will help shorten the battle. The angler we had on board was a tarpon novice and was broken rather quickly. Nonetheless, you will see what you can do to ware the fish down to get it boat side. You will also see the care given to ensure this big momma swam away in good shape.

Tarpon fishing is not difficult. It is just meticulous. Let us share with you fishing tips and techniques that will help make you a much more knowledgable angler.

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