Florida Inshore Fishing - Winter Snook

February 06, 2019
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During winter, catching inshore saltwater fish like snook can be challenging. To stay connected to the fish, anglers should stay in warm spots, such as on the west coast of Florida, where snook can be caught in 58 degree waters. Wind direction, sunlight direction, and tides play crucial roles in locating warm water. To catch snook, anglers should look for high houses, mangrove shorelines, or tall trees blocking cold north winds.

Targeting any inshore saltwater species of fish during the winter months can be tough for most anglers. Staying connected to the warm spots will keep you connected to the the fish. Snook are the first of the big three (trout, redfish, snook) to seek warm during a cold snap. On the west coast of Florida anglers are catching snook all the way north to Stienahachee and locally in Homosassa. I've caught them in 58 degree waters. Try swimming in that! 

Tide, wind and sunlight direction all play a part in being successful catching winter snook. Wind direction is crucial to finding the warm water look on the north side of the canal, river or cove to find a high house, mangrove shoreline or tall trees to block that cold north wind. The southern sun during midday can hit these areas with radiant heat creating a warm zone. Tides are important because an outgoing tide will pull that earth heated water from a canal, small river or spring warming the snook. When the incoming tide pushes in the chilly Gulf waters expect the bite to shut down.

To see real video of this check out In The Spreads - Winter Time Snook Fishing. 

-Captain William Toney


Captain William Toney In The Spread, Instructor
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