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Planer Fishing with In-Line Planers

If you have not master the fine art of planer fishing, then there is a great chance that you are missing out on catching a heck of a lot of fish. For much of the year, especially in more temperate climates, fish like mackerel, tuna, bonito, wahoo, even billfish and damn near any species that holds tight to structure, if you are not running your baits well below the surface, you are not catching fish. Fishing planers are the answer.

For a variety of reasons, fish will suspend at depth. It could be for more comfortable temperature zones, a rich oxygen layer, food or the protection of structure, many gamefish will hold a greater depths. If you are trolling baits on or near the surface, you may be running right over all the fish and never get a bite.

What fishing planers afford you is the ability to troll baits down where the fish are hanging out. Now, there are two methods of fishing planers. You have the old school way, where you reel the planer to the rod tip and then hand line the leader to bring the fish to the boat. Hell, you may be leadering well over a 100 feet of line. The better way is the run in-line planers.

What are in-line planers? The in-line method involves attaching the fishing planer directly to your line. This way you can crank up the planer, remove it from the line and then continue reeling the fish all the way to the boat. Sometimes this method is called wind-on planer fishing, because you wind the leader and the fish right on up. It makes things a lot easier.

Both planer fishing methods work wonders for catching fish. The difference is in the ease and convenience of the angler being able to reel the fish to within gaff shot.

In this In The Spread fishing video, Capt. Chad Raney shows just how easy in-line planers are to use. We have made videos with Chad showing both methods. Watch here to see the Old School Planer Fishing Method. Chad Raney is a life long South Florida fishermen who makes it all look so easy. His ability to transfer his knowledge to you comes from the confidence gained by spending years on the water perfecting his techniques.

What you will learn in this inline planer fishing video will put you on fish when other boats are catching very little or nothing. Learn how to attach and remove the planer from a bridle rig. See how to both set and trip planers. Baits, bait rigs, line, leaders, connections and tackle are all explained. Most importantly, learn how to drive the boat while deploying and running planers.

This is your opportunity to learn the benefits of running fishing planers in-line.

To watch more of our fishing techniques videos and specifically our planer fishing videos click this link. Saltwater Fishing Techniques

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