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  • Planer Fishing with In-Line Planers

    2022, Planer Fishing - In-Line Planers with Chad Raney

    In-line planers are an effective method for targeting suspended fish in the water column. This innovative method involves using an in-line bridle and a wind-on leader. Miami Captain Chad Raney shares his knowledge on wind-on leader, rigs, baits, planers, boat driving skills, tackle, and secrets to make fishing smarter and more productive. By mastering these techniques, you can catch a variety of fish, including mackerel, wahoo, tuna, snapper, amberjacks, and sailfish.

  • Basics of Fishing Planers

    2022, Planer Fishing - Trolling Nearshore

    Planer fishing is essential for catching fish on east coast Florida and beyond. Planers allow you to troll baits and lures at various water depths, allowing you to present your bait down where the bait is holding. Capt. Chad Raney shares his techniques in a video, demonstrating the importance of finding the bait and finding the fish. Both in-line and bridled methods are effective.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Downriggers

    Planer fishing with downriggers is essential for catching big fish and schools of fish. These larger, hard-driving planers require maximum tension on gear and allow for easy cranking. To attach the planer to the shock cord, use high-vis dacron, swivel boom tip, and small lead. Use ball bearing swivels to prevent line twisting and drop the planer back from the set position.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Sea Witches and Water Color

    This video discusses the importance of sea witches in planer fishing rigs, focusing on color combinations for blue and green water. Understanding the water and rig anatomy is crucial for successful fishing. It also covers king mackerel and wahoo tendencies, best times of day, and depth for king mackerel.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Bait Rigs

    Planer fishing rigs are essential for success in nearshore waters during summer. They allow baits to be down in the water column, where game fish are suspended. Understanding the process of creating planer rigs, including hooks, sea witches, and snap swivels, can save time and money.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Rods and Reels

    This fishing video provides suggestions for rods and reels suitable for planer fishing, considering the pressure on gear. Medium action rods with good tip flexibility are ideal, and line guides and reel seats are important. The focus is on durability and longevity, not high-speed reels. The video discusses everyday gear and their durability.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Techniques for Big Boat Driving

    When trolling planers, it's crucial to understand the relationship between speed over ground and current and manage planers when turning back. Consider the speed of the fish and the depth of the water when marking them. Use electronics to measure fish locations and adjust baits accordingly to trigger bites and catch more fish.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Techniques for Driving Center Consoles

    Mastering trolling with planers involves proper boat handling, keeping the boat in gear, and turning the boat as you reel in. Focus on not tangling the line with the fish, and create a clean water lane with a gradual turn. Be methodical and communicate to ensure the boat driver is handling the boat correctly. By following these tips, you can catch more fish with ease.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Big Boat Techniques

    Learn saltwater trolling planer fishing techniques from experienced fishermen. Capt. Mark Danley shares tips on dropping lines, engaging planers, and proper drag usage. He also discusses recognizing bites and avoiding tangling lines. This video helps reduce headaches and allows fishermen to focus on catching fish without messing with gear.

  • 2020, Planer Fishing - Small Boat Techniques

    Learn the basics of planer fishing from experienced south Florida fishermen, RJ Boyle. He emphasizes having a clutter-free boat, gear, and rigs for saltwater fishing. He also teaches techniques for engaging and disengaging planers, ensuring smoother fishing and avoiding tangles. Mastering these techniques will help you catch more fish in nearshore waters.

  • Offshore Fishing with a Trolling Planer

    2018, Offshore Fishing with a Trolling Planer

    In summer, planers are effective for catching saltwater and coastal waters. Instructors RJ Boyle and Mark Danley discuss setups, tackle, rods, reels, rigs, tactics, and techniques. Strip baits are ideal for targeting kingfish, grouper, wahoo, and sailfish, making planers a successful choice for commercial operations.

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    In-Line or Wind-On Planer Fishing - Learn How to Run Them

    2022, In-Line or Wind-On Planer Fishing - Learn How to Run Them

    Planer fishing is a crucial technique for catching fish in the water column. It involves using a hydrofoil driven down by water pressure to position bait in the water column. This technique is effective for catching game fish like mackerel, wahoo, tuna, sailfish, grouper, snapper, and amberjack. Planer fishing is a standard on many successful charter fishing boats in South Florida, and once set up, it becomes easy to use.

  •  Reef Fishing - Beast or Feast

    2021, Reef Fishing - Beast or Feast

    Reef fishing is a diverse endeavor with various types of reefs, ledges, and atolls. It attracts various species and provides structure for concentrating them. Reefs, built over centuries by living organisms, serve as beacons for various species. Natural topography and artificial man-made objects contribute to the permanence of reef formations.

  • Planer Fishing - Target Suspended Fish

    2021, Planer Fishing - Target Suspended Fish

    Planer fishing is a valuable method for catching suspended fish, which are influenced by environmental factors such as water temperature and availability of food. These fish species adjust their positions in the water column, relying on comfort and food. In summer, warmer surface waters push fish deeper, while lack of dissolved oxygen pushes them upward, creating a narrow comfort band for them to occupy.

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    Slow Trolling Wahoo - A Lethal Tactic

    2021, Slow Trolling Wahoo - A Lethal Tactic

    Wahoo fishing is a popular method for targeting this fast pelagic predator. Factors to consider include location, fuel budget, and opportunities for catching other species. High speed trolling is more popular, while slow trolling is more deliberate and labor-intensive. Both methods use similar tackle, but the mechanics and technique vary.

  • image of a trolling planer

    2018, Planers Catch Fish

    Planer fishing is a revolutionary technique that allows anglers to troll baits and lures at varying water depths, targeting species like mackerel, wahoo, tuna, snapper, amberjacks, and sailfish. It requires finesse, understanding of the water, and a keen eye for detail. Two methods are in-line and bridled, with each having its own advantages. Miami Captain Chad Raney is a key figure in planer fishing, emphasizing the importance of finding the bait and fish at specific times.