Planer Fishing - Big Boat Techniques

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Learn saltwater trolling planer fishing techniques from experienced fishermen. Capt. Mark Danley shares tips on dropping lines, engaging planers, and proper drag usage. He also discusses recognizing bites and avoiding tangling lines. This video helps reduce headaches and allows fishermen to focus on catching fish without messing with gear.

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When it comes to running saltwater trolling planers behind sport fishing yachts, there are several basic principles to consider:

  • Dropping Baits: Ensure you can drop your baits back without tangling the line.
  • Setting the Planer: Understand how to put a planer in the set position.
  • Drag: Know the right amount of drag to use.
  • Line Choice: Learn which type of line will be most beneficial.
  • Recognizing a Bite: Distinguish between the pull of a planer and a fish bite.Second Line: Considerations for deploying the second line.

Planer Fishing Video Insights

This video on planer fishing delves into the above concepts and more:

  • Engaging the Planer: The video begins with bait deployment and engaging the planer in different ways. Some fishermen find this challenging, but with the right technique, your planers will always engage effectively.
  • Choosing the Right Planer Size: The video discusses the appropriate planer sizes for both long and short positions.
  • Drag Considerations: Once your planers are engaged, it's crucial to set the right drag amount. Too much drag might result in losing a fish.
  • Recognizing a Fish Bite: Planers pull hard, making rods bend significantly. Recognizing the difference between this and an actual fish bite is vital.
  • Line Choices: The video offers advice on the best fishing lines for saltwater trolling planers. It's worth noting the preferences of top professionals in the field.
  • Deploying Lines: The video emphasizes the importance of correctly deploying long and short lines, especially during turns, to avoid tangling.

For those seeking a deeper understanding, especially regarding line deployment, a supplementary small boat planer fishing video offers more detailed insights.

We hope this overview provides valuable insights into the basics of running saltwater trolling planers behind big boats.

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