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Musky Fly Fishing Gear with Chad Bryson

Musky fly fishing requires some slightly more heavy duty tackle than you may be used to fishing. It is nothing that is too difficult to source. You just need a little knowledge before you head over to your favorite fly fishing shop. Captain Chad Bryson is going to walk you through some set ups, so you will have the intel you need, prior to making a purchase.

Chad is a highly respected member of the fly fishing industry, as an angler, guide and product development consultant. He has been targeting freshwater apex predators, like brown trout and muskie, for decades and has a specialized set of skills in that vein. His expert knowledge on tackle, tactics, baits, lures and fish behavior make him one of the more qualified fishermen to discuss how to gear up for musky.

What Chad will be doing in this In The Spread fly fishing video is presenting you with options for selecting a suitable fly fishing rod and reel, musky flies, fly line and leader material.

When it comes to fly rods and fly reels for musky, Chad will share his suggestions. With rods, you have to think about how much bend you need in the rod. After all, you are going to be casting all day, so you want something the provides a level of comfort. He will discuss graphite qualities and which manufacturers he finds most useful. With fly reels, a primary consideration has to be arbor size. You will learn why this matters.

With the musky flies, you will get a primer on critical features to look for in the fly tying. How much profile do you need in the water? Should you go with single hook flies or something articulated with multiple hooks? What type of swimming action works well? Chad breaks it all down for you.

The fly line and leader material can be a hotly debated topic. What Chad tries to do is give you options. What line do you need and how many different types of line are required? You have to think about the depth you will be fishing. Clearly, no river of lake is one consistent depth and musky move throughout the water column. Having a variety of lines, along with rod and reel combos, will benefit you. For leader material, you will learn about various fluorocarbon leaders and wire. Each has its place. Knowing how each performs makes all the difference.

Take what you need from this fishing video and put together the proper setups for your musky fishing waters. The more you know, the better chance you will have to catch that fish you have been seeking.

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