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muskie fishing

  • giant musky caught by Cory Allen

    2020, Muskie - Vexan Fishing Rod Review with Cory Allen

    Cory Allen, a renowned musky fisherman, reviews the Tackle Industries medium action musky fishing rod from Vexan. With an analytical intellect and bizarro world level thinking, Allen provides an in-depth review of the 9-foot rod, which features an integrated revolution reel seat. This exceptional product is a must-have addition to any musky fishing arsenal.

  • Muskie Fish with Bass Crank Baits

    2020, Muskie - Fishing with Bass Crank Baits

    Cory Allen discusses the intersection of bass crank bait and musky crank bait, highlighting the differences in size and dive curves. Bass cranks are designed for fast down-and-reach, while musky lures dive on shallower planes. Allen highlights the versatility of bass cranks, such as Livingston Lures Howeller Deep, Strike King 10XD, 6th Sense Cloud 9 Series, and Berkley Dredger 25.5, and encourages anglers to explore their own unique fishing arsenal.

  • Collins River Post Spawn Musky Fishing

    2019, Muskie - Collins River Post Spawn Fishing

    Musky fishing in the south has evolved from a joke to a multidimensional sport, with big fish caught year-round. Dwayne Hickey, a renowned musky hunter, shares his expertise in the post-spawn musky hunt. By dissecting a river system, learning to work banks, weed beds, islands, trees, creek mouths, and topography, one can become a successful musky hunter.

  • Musky Fly Fishing Gear with Chad Bryson

    2018, Muskie Fly Fishing Gear with Chad Bryson

    In this muskie fishing video, Capt. Chad Bryson discusses the essential gear for musky fishing in the southeast. He shares his opinions on rods, reels, line, leaders, and flies for success. Chad, an expert fly tier, shares his experiences with different fly features, line options, rod and reel choices, and leader materials. To catch muskie on fly, the right gear is essential.

  • How to Catch Muskie in Open Water with Cory Allen

    2018, Muskie - Fishing Open Water with Cory Allen

    Fish, especially musky, are oriented to their environment, and open water fishing presents challenges. In this In The Spread musky fishing video, Cory Allen explains breaking down open water fishing elements and utilizing underwater topography to catch more big fish. By learning smarter bait presentation, you can achieve comfort and confidence in catching musky in open water.