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  • Musky Fishing - Carolina Rig Crank Baits with Cory Allen

    2021, Muskie - Fishing Carolina Rigged Crank Baits

    Muskie fishing often relies on traditional methods, but understanding giant muskies' deepness and speed control is crucial. Cory Allen's video demonstrates using Carolina rigged cranks baits to target bottom-holding beasts. Be prepared, confident, and know how to target giant muskies in the deep.

  • giant musky caught by Cory Allen

    2020, Muskie - Vexan Fishing Rod Review with Cory Allen

    Cory Allen, a renowned musky fisherman, reviews the Tackle Industries medium action musky fishing rod from Vexan. With an analytical intellect and bizarro world level thinking, Allen provides an in-depth review of the 9-foot rod, which features an integrated revolution reel seat. This exceptional product is a must-have addition to any musky fishing arsenal.

  • Collins River Post Spawn Musky Fishing

    2019, Muskie - Collins River Post Spawn Fishing

    Musky fishing in the south has evolved from a joke to a multidimensional sport, with big fish caught year-round. Dwayne Hickey, a renowned musky hunter, shares his expertise in the post-spawn musky hunt. By dissecting a river system, learning to work banks, weed beds, islands, trees, creek mouths, and topography, one can become a successful musky hunter.

  • Winter Muskie Fishing Techniques with Cory Allen

    2019, Muskie - Winter Fishing Techniques with Cory Allen

    Colder months require special techniques and tools for successful muskie fishing. In The Spread video, Cory Allen discusses lures and methods to help anglers navigate this challenging season. He is respected by those who excel at big muskie fishing and offers master-level advice on fishing lures and techniques. Fish smarter and enjoy the challenge.

  • Catching Muskie with Live Bait

    2019, Muskie - Fishing Live Bait with Cory Allen

    Livebait is effective for muskie fishing, especially during colder periods. It offers a unique angle and allows for other methods to be combined. Joe Murphy's STFF rigs are showcased in an In The Spread video, showcasing their effectiveness and various presentation methods to increase success rates.

  • Kayak Fishing for Musky

    2018, Muskie - Kayak Fishing

    Jase Bouldin, a pioneer of musky fishing from kayaks, shares his knowledge on ideal kayaks for skinny rivers, musky lures, and controlling your craft while throwing heavy freshwater tackle. He also shares tips for navigating rivers, tackle, and muskie behavior in skinny rivers. This valuable information can be applied to regular fishing programs, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in musky fishing.

  • How to Fish for Muskie in Coves with Cory Allen

    2018, Muskie - Fishing in Coves with Cory Allen

    Musky anglers often start their quest in coves off the main channel, but it's crucial to determine which exits off the interstate are worth more effort. Instructor Cory Allen, known for his expertise in boating big muskie in dynamic eastern Tennessee lakes and rivers, helps dissect coves for the most yield. By learning from him, anglers can become smarter and more successful in their fishing endeavors.

  • Musky Fly Fishing Gear with Chad Bryson

    2018, Muskie Fly Fishing Gear with Chad Bryson

    In this muskie fishing video, Capt. Chad Bryson discusses the essential gear for musky fishing in the southeast. He shares his opinions on rods, reels, line, leaders, and flies for success. Chad, an expert fly tier, shares his experiences with different fly features, line options, rod and reel choices, and leader materials. To catch muskie on fly, the right gear is essential.

  • Musky Fishing – Don't Limit Your Scope

    2023, Musky Fishing – Don't Limit Your Scope

    Musky fishing is often misunderstood as being set up in the north, but it is actually a "southern fish" to some. Tennessee, located to the east of the Rockies, is more elevated than Kentucky. Despite this, there is a vast amount of untapped musky water in the state. This highlights the importance of perception in both musky fishing and life.

  • Musky | Catch This Apex Predator

    2023, Musky - Catch This Apex Predator

    A musky, a large predatory fish native to North America, is a member of the pike family and is known for its slender body and sharp scales. Found in cold lakes and streams, they are aggressive predators that feed on other fish, birds, and small mammals. Muskie are apex predators, controlling prey populations and maintaining ecosystem balance. They are highly sought after by anglers.

  • Musky Fishing - Wintertime Thoughts with Dwayne Hickey

    2022, Musky Fishing - Wintertime Thoughts with Dwayne Hickey

    The Collins River is ideal for musky fishing during December through March, with falling water temperatures and rising water levels. To maximize success, research water level, weather, and location. Musky fishing tips include slowing down, using current breaks, and focusing on steep banks, log jams, weed beds, and deep bluffs. Muskie will feed actively in even the coldest water and air temperatures, so adjusting your tactics is crucial.

  • Collins River Musky Fishing - Year Round Action

    2020, Collins River Musky Fishing - Year Round Action

    Northern musky anglers are in full musky mode as summer winds down, with musky fishing season closing by the end of November in states like Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Collins River near McMinnville TN offers a long fall season with low temperatures and clear water. September is a great time for musky fishing, with September rains providing better fishing conditions. Musky live bait and weed beds are common in shallow, weedy areas.

  • Jigging Musky - Cory Allen

    2020, Jigging Musky - Cory Allen

    Musky and jigging have not always been synonymous, but with the advent of the Bondy bait, musky jigging has become more common. Spinnerbaits, rubber, and inline bucktails can be used in jigging. The H20 Barbarian is a versatile musky jigging bait, while the double dawg is a personal favorite for vertical jigging.

  • Big Tackle for Musky Fishing

    2019, Big Tackle for Musky Fishing

    Tackle failure is common in musky fishing, leading to costly losses. To avoid this, use the right fishing line, quality leaders, sharp fish hooks, and proper tie-up. Choose braided line for baitcasters and spinning reels, invest in quality leaders, file hooks for smooth drag, and use strong knots for a successful musky fishing experience.

  • Jigging for Muskie with Spinner Baits

    2018, Jigging for Muskie with Spinner Baits

    Cory Allen, a seasoned musky guide, demonstrates the effectiveness of jigging spinnerbaits in musky fishing. This technique allows for a lateral presentation with lift and fall, allowing for control on both ends of the spectrum. Allen's musky fishing videos showcase his impressive freshwater fishing toolbox and show how adjusting your technique can improve your musky fishing success.