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live baiting redfish in the spread fishing video
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Live Bait Fishing for Redfish

Do you want to know how to catch redfish? When properly used, live bait is deadly for this game fish. Far more deadly than lures. Know the right baits, where the fish stack up based on tides, chumming techniques, the right bait and tackle, rigging, presentation and boat positioning all play huge rolls. Learn all of this and more from seasoned inshore and offshore Florida fishing guide, Capt. Brian Sanders. Brian has been fishing for red drum in Chokoloskee since he was a child and brings a wealth of knowledge to this In The Spread Live Bait for Redfish video.

It might sound simple, but one wrong ingredient can mean the difference between 1 or 2 red fish and 10 or 20. Your first consideration has to be your bait. What type of redfish bait do you need? Are you going to catch the live bait fish? How much do you need for hooked baits and chumming? What size is most ideal for red drum bait? See how to hook live bait to achieve the most natural presentation?

You don't need a lot of redfish fishing tackle, but you need the right tackle. You need the right length and action in your rod to allow for good casting and still have some backbone to either stop big fish or haul them out of cover. Your reel needs to be adequate for the job and be spooled with the best line for the job. How much line do you need? Should it be braid or mono. How much should your reel hold and what size and color should you go with? Your leader needs to be the right line type, size and length. You have to gear up for the possibility of hooking a giant snook or tarpon. It will happen. We will cover all this, plus demonstrate how connect the main line to double line to the leader and the hook. We will show you the hooks we use based on the bait size to achieve the most natural presentation. Assembling the all important redfish rig is demonstrated. Nothing is left out.

Expect to have a clear understanding of how various conditions impact the feeding. We cover moon phases, time of year and temperature, barometer readings, tides. You can also count on in-depth explanations of what spots to fish and for how long. Knowing how to position your boat and present your live baits based on the winds and current is critical. Watch and learn these important redfish fishing tips.

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