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Live Bait for Snook

One of the coolest, and probably easiest methods of catching snook is with live bait. And, if you wanted to learn more about how to catch snook with live bait, there is probably nobody better qualified and more willing to share everything they know about the species than Chokoloskee fishing guide Capt. Brian Sanders. Watch as Brian shares his knowledge on live bait, tides, tackle, his live bait rig, bait presentation, boat positioning, angling and so much more. In The Spread strives to work the more experienced fisherman, so you receive the very best intel.

Since we are using live bait, the #1 consideration is the bait fish you should be using. How much live bait will you need and how are you going to get them? You will need a load of freshies. Whether you a catching bait or buying it, you need to know the ideal type and size for snook fish. You will be using some for hooked presentations and some for chumming the school to get them fired up. Once you have all your live ones, you will need to keep them alive. We discuss all these variables in the video.

Snook fish typically feed on the changes in the tide. These game fish will come in on the tidal movement and setup outside points and river mouths. Moving water is another key to your success. These game fish like pinch points or funnels where the current is forced into a smaller area or diverted. This in turn forces the bait fish to move through a sort of shooting gallery where they can be ambushed.

What type of fishing tackle do you need? What weight, action and length of rod is most suitable for casting baits and fighting big robalo? Is there a specific reel that works best for this scenario? What are you spooling the reel with? Are you using braid or mono, what type and size is best? Your leader is important. What type, length and color of line works best? Does the color of the water you are fishing play a roll? You might be wondering, what kind of snook fishing rig do you need. What are the components? How much weight do you need? What is the purpose of the rig? We answer all these questions and more.

Now that you have you bait, tackle and rigs situated, it is now time to start fishing. Wait a minute. How do you pick your target area? What are you looking for. Where should you position your boat, relative to the target area? How do you put baits on target and how do you keep them in the feeding zone? All good questions and all are answered in-depth by Brian.

Capt. Brian Sanders has spent his entire life snook fishing the waters of Chokoloskee Island and the Everglades gaining decades of experience targeting thisspecies. Take advantage of his knowledge and desire to share everything he knows about live baiting snook in this In the Spread video.

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